Solo travel with Intrepid

Sometimes we’ve got the urge for adventure, but no-one to do it with. At times like that you can either a) live vicariously through back-to-back episodes of An Idiot Abroad or b) give solo travel a try. Travelling alone on a group tour has its perks. We’ve got expert local leaders on tap to show you around, ready-made friends who are itching to explore, just like you, and optional single supplements if you want a room all to yourself. More than half of our passengers decide to travel alone so third-wheeling isn’t an issue. All you have to do is turn up with a smile and a passport: we’ll handle the logistics, transport and accommodation.

Independence is a good thing…but so is group karaoke until 2 am at a sake bar in Tokyo. So for all you lone wolves out there, welcome to solo travel, Intrepid-style.

Our new solo-only departures

We’ve selected departures of three of our most popular trips to run exclusively for those of you flying solo.

USD $1,310
CAD $1,585
AUD $1,675
EUR €1,090
GBP £855
NZD $1,800
ZAR R19,220
CHF FR1,205
Travel to India and visit the romantic Rajasthan region with a group of solo travellers. Travel from Delhi to Pushkar...
USD $900
CAD $1,090
AUD $1,150
EUR €745
GBP £590
NZD $1,235
ZAR R13,195
Uncover the secrets of Morocco on this southbound discovery tour for solo travellers. See Ait Benhaddou kasbah, ride...
USD $1,890
CAD $2,290
AUD $2,420
EUR €1,570
GBP £1,240
NZD $2,600
ZAR R27,770
CHF FR1,740
Get to know Colombia on a coffee-scented adventure that will take you through the country's picturesque highlands.

Osprey Pack giveaway

We have 5 Farpoint backpacks to giveaway thanks to our friends at Osprey Packs. Simply be one of the first five people to book onto one of our new solo travel departures and you'll receive a brand new pack.

Our most popular trips for solo travel

All our trips are perfectly suited to those of you going it alone, but here are a few of the best-sellers.

USD $1,125
CAD $1,365
AUD $1,440
EUR €935
GBP £735
NZD $1,550
ZAR R16,525
CHF FR1,035
See the best of Morocco from Casablanca to Marrakech. Admire the city of Fes, see the sands of the Sahara Desert and...
USD $1,245
CAD $1,510
AUD $1,595
EUR €1,035
GBP £810
NZD $1,715
ZAR R18,305
CHF FR1,145
Travel to India and visit the romantic Rajasthan region. Tour from Delhi to Pushkar and travel to the Taj Mahal of...
USD $1,480
CAD $1,795
AUD $1,895
EUR €1,230
GBP £965
NZD $2,035
ZAR R21,745
CHF FR1,360
Travel to India and Nepal on a tour from Delhi to Kathmandu. Visit the Taj Mahal of Agra, the sacred River Ganges,...
USD $1,755
CAD $2,130
AUD $2,250
EUR €1,241
GBP £977
NZD $2,420
ZAR R21,947
CHF FR1,372
Travel the breadth of Vietnam, from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, experiencing tranquil Halong Bay, iconic Hue and...
USD $1,050
CAD $1,275
AUD $1,345
EUR €875
GBP £685
NZD $1,445
ZAR R15,435
Discover the beautiful landscapes of southern India on a fascinating journey from the beaches of Varkala to idyllic...
USD $1,340
CAD $1,625
AUD $1,410
EUR €1,115
GBP £875
NZD $1,845
ZAR R19,680
CHF FR1,230
Adventure through Central America's vivacious Mexico on an enthralling journey from the beats of buzzing Mexico City...
USD $2,280
CAD $2,496
AUD $2,672
EUR €1,852
GBP £1,372
NZD $2,816
ZAR R24,640
CHF FR1,896
Experience Brazilian beaches, Uruguayan home cooking and vibrant Argentinean culture on this unplugged Buenos Aires...
Take a wild African adventure from South Africa to Zimbabwe. Travel north from Cape Town into Namibia, cross over to...
USD $2,535
CAD $3,070
AUD $3,245
EUR €2,110
GBP £1,660
NZD $3,490
ZAR R37,240
CHF FR2,330
Take a wild African adventure from South Africa to Zimbabwe. Travel north from Cape Town into Namibia, cross over to...
USD $1,715
CAD $2,080
AUD $2,195
EUR €1,425
GBP £1,125
NZD $2,360
ZAR R25,190
CHF FR1,575
Hop aboard an adventure tour through the wilds of Borneo's Sarawak region. Crawl through the Mulu caves, hike in Bako...
USD $4,620
CAD $5,613
AUD $5,927
EUR €3,852
GBP £3,031
NZD $6,680
ZAR R68,023
CHF FR4,259
Travel to Ecuador and the wildlife-rich shores of the Galapagos Islands. Then visit Peru and embark on an Inca Trail...


A taste of solo travel 

The perks of solo travel on a group tour

A local leader
Ready-made friends
Logistics and convenience

Solo travel FAQs

It’s completely up to you. There’s no extra charge when you share a room with someone of the same sex. But if you'd like a little more privacy, a single supplement is available on the majority of our trips (it’s just a small extra charge). Just mention this to our customer service team when booking your trip and they'll arrange it for you.  

Whether you travel alone or with a partner, our trips have a structured itinerary. But within that structure there’s time set aside for independent exploration (if you want to – no pressure). You can ask your guide for a few tips then head out alone, or hang out with the group and see where the day takes you. 

No way! Not if you don’t want to. If you’re happy to bunk with a traveller of the same sex, there’s nothing extra to pay. If you want your own room, just mention it to our customer service team when booking and they can organise a single supplement for a small charge. 

About 60% of our travellers are female, and ages can range from 18 to 65. It’s hard to know exactly who you’ll meet, but that’s all part of the fun. Intrepid travellers are connected more by attitude than age. They’re a friendly, open-minded and curious bunch, and a lot of them elect to travel alone (so no third-wheeling, we promise).

On average, solo travel on a group tour is way more cost-effective than heading out on your own (we can also guarantee a lot more inclusions and extras than you’d usually get for your money).

While there is a set itinerary for the group, take the time to chat to your leader. They can always recommend some places to explore during free time or things to try after the trip has finished. Lots of our travellers elect to travel alone, so it’s common for people to want different things from their experience.

Solo travel: stories from the road

If you’re anxious about going it alone, you’re not the only one. Here’s what a few self-confessed ‘group tour sceptics’ and first time solo travellers had to say about their Intrepid adventures.

Emily Pinto

Blogger, Emily en route & founder of social enterprise Estrella de Mar

"Our group was a great mix of people from all over the world, of all ages and backgrounds. It was easy to bond over our shared love of travel and excitement to explore Vietnam. At least half of our group consisted of other solo travelers. The atmosphere was very inclusive, there were no lines drawn in the sand according to traveling solo versus in a couple or with a friend."

Torre DeRoche

Blogger, Fearful Adventurer

"At the summit of Mount Kinabalu, my fear of heights was put to the test when I caught sight of a steep drop off. I hadn’t expected to come face to face with my greatest fears on a tame group tour. My teammates cheered me on. The guide took my hand and talked me through it."

Nomadic Matt

Blogger, Nomadic Matt

"Group travel has a lot of benefits, especially for first time travelers. It’s a good way to wade into the travel waters. Not everyone is comfortable just going out on their own so tours can be a good stepping stone for that. My first trip overseas was on a tour and it allowed me freedom in a structured environment."

Best places to travel alone

The two biggest concerns for solo travellers are a) safety and b) a warm welcome. We looked into the world’s friendliest destinations, along with the places with low crime rates for travellers, and came up with the following list. If you want to travel solo, these countries are a great place to start.


Japan has got one of the lowest crime rates in the world, and in big cities like Tokyo and Kyoto, English is more common than you’d think. A classic destination for solo travellers.


Inky fjords, soaring granite mountains and some of the friendliest locals on the planet. Norway is safe, stable and easy to get around – everything a solo traveller wants.


A Swiss Rail Pass and a good pair of hiking boots are all you need to explore Switzerland solo. Zurich’s a great walking city, and you’ll find lots of independent travellers in towns like Lucern and Bern.

Costa Rica

Adventure travel was basically born in Costa Rica, which has a reputation for its friendly locals, American expats and easy-going, eco vibe. Just set yourself up in a lodge in Monteverde and go exploring.


English-speaking? Check. French-speaking? Check. Canada is a great intro for solo travellers, and cosmopolitan cities like Vancouver and Montreal are known for their warm welcomes and hot coffee. A winning combo.


Thanks to a tourism boom over the last 15 years, you won’t be the only solo traveller on the streets of Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. Vietnam is relatively safe and easy to navigate too (compared to a few of its neighbours, anyway).

Tips for female solo travellers

Having a few drinks in a new country can be great fun, but if you’re a solo female traveller it pays to be careful. Consider going easy on the drinks when you’re out on your own, or join a reputable pub crawl or drinking tour with some fellow travellers. Watch your drink and keep it close to you at all times. And don’t try to find your way home yourself in the dark – bring your hotel’s business card with you and show it to your (registered) taxi driver.

Unfortunately, some countries – such as India – have a poor reputation for female solo travel. But women travel solo on our India tours all the time without complaint, and if you’re sensible (or better yet travel on a group trip), there’s no reason you can’t enjoy the subcontinent, the Middle East or any other destination. Just be mindful that some countries come with added risks.

It pays to learn a little bit of the local language wherever you go. For one thing, it’s just courteous, but locals will also open up more if you know a few basics. Dress like a local as much as you can. Shop at local markets if you didn’t pack anything appropriate, and always consider the country’s dress code. In places like Jordan and Morocco, women are expected to dress modestly and cover up exposed skin. Whether you agree with it or not, it’s respectful (and smart) to follow the local style.

When you’re out and about being all adventurey, just keep an eye on the sunset. Try to avoid being in transit after dark as a solo traveller, especially if you’re carrying bulky bags and lots of valuables (it kind of yells ‘tourist’). Of course, if you’re with friends or a group, so much the better. Having people around who’ve got your back is a smart move for any traveller, regardless of your gender.

Social media may be the doom of mankind and rational thought as we know it, but it can be useful. Even as a safety tool. Never before in the history of travel have your friends and family been privy to a minute-by-minute update of your whereabouts, available in their pocket anywhere in the world. That’s pretty nifty. Before you leave home, maybe give you friends a social media heads up, ‘If you don’t see me post a carefully filtered sunset selfie for five days straight, get in touch and see if I’m okay.’

Our solo travel safety guide

Good advice for us all, but particularly for people travelling alone. Make copies of your itinerary, your contact details, passport and travel insurance. Email them to yourself and print out copies for your friends and family back home. Check-in on social media often so people can keep track of your movements. Hope for the best, plan for the worst – that’s the solo travel motto.

If you’re arriving late in a city by yourself, book a hotel with a front desk or concierge service. Read your maps before you walk out onto the street. Consider a bag that sits on your front or side, rather than your back. Leave the flashy jewellery, wedding rings and expensive clothes at home. Dress like the locals dress (markets are a good start if you haven’t packed anything appropriate). And keep track of travel times, so you’re not caught out after dark.

Solo travel is all about confidence. If you’re relaxed and self-assured on the street, you’ll blend in no problem. When you meet new people, don’t assume they’re all out to get you, but be sensible too. If it feels wrong, it probably is. Remember: the popular tourist areas are often the most well-lit and secure, but they are a juicier target for pickpockets and scammers. Just use your common sense. Half of travel safety is just being aware of your surroundings.

Solo travellers are way more likely to be ‘taken for a ride’ at the airport by unscrupulous taxi drivers, so do your research beforehand. Ask the taxi driver to use the meter or request a cost estimate before you hop in the car, and if it’s way higher than it should be, pick another vehicle. A lot of airports have train stations attached as well, so consider public transport if you want to save a dollar or two.

It’s one of the advantages of solo travel on a group tour: safety in numbers. The big, 50-person bus groups might stand out on the road, but a small Intrepid group of eight or nine people, with a local leader showing the way, won’t draw much attention. Your leader will also know which areas to avoid and how to navigate a city safely.

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