Are there trains to Glasgow?

There are a bunch of different ways to travel to Glasgow from other parts of Scotland and the UK but the most popular way, and often the cheapest, is by catching the train. Glasgow Central is the city's biggest train station (located in the city centre) with Glasgow Queen Street station followed closely behind. Each station receives several routes throughout the day from different parts of England so you should be able to find a fare that suits your needs.

There are 26 train companies that run services to and from various UK destinations with London North Eastern Railway, Avanti West Coast, ScotRail, CrossCountry, and Transpennine Express running to and from Glasgow. Due to the large number of train companies that offer Glasgow fares, you'll have a large amount of flexibility when it comes to departure times and routes making it easier to travel the way you want to. 

Where can I catch a train from if I want to go to Glasgow? 

Glasgow is a very popular city in Scotland and lots of travellers flock to its beautifully designed buildings to learn about its fascinating history and take in as much of its culture as possible so it's no surprise that you can catch a train to Glasgow from pretty much anywhere in Scotland and England. Below are some of the more popular routes and how long the journey will take you, however, some journeys may take longer if the fare you select has stopovers: 

  • A train from London to Glasgow will take around 4 and a half hours

  • A Manchester to Glasgow fare will be just under 3 hours

  • The journey between Edinburgh and Glasgow will roughly take 1 hour

  • Travelling from Newcastle to Glasgow will take you 2 and a half hours

  • A train from Birmingham to Glasgow will take just under 4 hours

  • An Aberdeen to Glasgow fare will be 2 and a half hours

How much does a train ticket cost and where can I buy one? 

How much your train ticket costs will largely depend on where in Scotland or England you're travelling from, what time of day or season you're travelling in, and which class of seating you've selected. Train tickets can cost as little as £27 but can be as high as £150. The good news is that the price of tickets goes down if you book more than 6 weeks in advance so when you're planning out your trip, take that into account to ensure your tickets are cheaper. You can also buy an annual Railcard to access tickets for 1/3 of a discount off the total price. 

You can buy your train ticket online via various websites and from the train stations themselves at a ticket office manned by staff. 

Which station is the safest and friendliest station in Glasgow?

While Glasgow has been voted as being one of the world's friendliest cities, that doesn't necessarily mean it's without petty crime or even violence. You should always be aware of your surroundings, especially when travelling alone or at night, and keep your belongings where you can see them to ward off pickpockets. To avoid ever feeling unsafe or uncomfortable, try sticking to well-lit and well-populated areas or look out for British Transport Police officers who roam the station during quieter times. 

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