At Intrepid, “being the best travel company for the world” is more than just words. It’s a commitment backed up by over 33 years of work. That’s why we openly share our environmental and social performance every year in our Integrated Annual Report.

On this journey you’ll find out how we’ve put our work at the world’s largest travel B Corp into action, the achievements and challenges of the past 12 months, and how we balance purpose and profit – now and in the future.

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“Global travel has bounced back rapidly and demand for our style of sustainable experience-rich travel is stronger than ever. We can see that in our record sales results and positive cashflow. While in many ways it feels like business is back, of course, that’s not the full picture. The pandemic will leave generational scars and already we can see that some countries and regions have been much slower to recover. Inequality is growing and huge global challenges remain.”

Darrell Wade, chair and James Thornton, CEO


Our Performance



The Intrepid Foundation


Intrepid’s not-for-profit supports local organisations around the world to improve the livelihoods of vulnerable individuals and communities through sustainable travel experiences. 

In 2022, the Intrepid Foundation:

  • $690,000 raised for 20 global partners
  • Attracted 7,000+ donors across the world 
  • Celebrated its 20th anniversary, surpassing $12m in total donations 



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