A pilgrimage to Machu Picchu may already be on the top of your list of things to do on a holiday in Peru, but did you know that this ancient country has a vast array of other historical relics and cultural highlights to visit? There are archaeological wonders dotted throughout the country, and traversing the ancient Inca landscape to explore these incredible sites is a bucket-list item for many travellers. But there’s more to a holiday in Peru than history: make sure you visit the urban backdrop of downtown Lima, taste the tried and tested traveller favourite – ceviche, or trek deep into the Andes to explore hidden Peruvian peaks.

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Thinking about a trip in Peru? Not sure if you’re ready for a trek along the Inca Trail yet? Read through our top reviews on Peru holidays with Intrepid Travel below. Our travellers give honest feedback about their experience, and we hope that their reviews help you to decide which trip is best for you.

Sacred Land of the Incas, April 2017

Pauline Copland

Inca Trail Express, April 2017

Nadia Seebrath

Inca Trail Express, April 2017

Pablo Martos

Inca Trail Express, April 2017

Max Renfrey

Peru Encompassed, March 2017

Francois Mouzard

Sacred Land of the Incas, March 2017

Philip Godfrey

Peru Encompassed, April 2017

Andrew Howard

Inca Trail Express, March 2017

Chris Collins

Peru Encompassed, April 2017

Maureen Lally

Sacred Land of the Incas, March 2017

Ursula Faus

Inca Trail Express, April 2017

Khoa Nguyen

Sacred Land of the Incas, April 2017

Craig Copland

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