53 million girls in developing countries are denied access to primary school. That’s 53 million reasons why Intrepid is supporting programs that get girls into school – and help them stay at school longer.

It’s also part of the reason why we created Project SAMA, our three-year global initiative that promotes gender equality around the world. Project SAMA supports a number of projects around the world focusing on the importance of educating girls and improving the lives of communities in need.

The funds raised by the Intrepid Kili Climb will go directly towards supporting an early education project operated by Plan in Uganda. Only 23% of children in Uganda currently have access to early learning services, with children from rural areas more likely to miss out. Plan is working to build the skills and knowledge of parents, caregivers and communities so that children have the chance to reach their full potential.

See Intrepid’s project Project SAMA website and facebook page for more information on how Intrepid is making an impact on the issue of gender equality.