Project SAMA also proudly supports Plan's Early Education work in Uganda. Only 23% of children in Uganda currently have access to early learning services, with children from rural areas more likely to miss out than their urban counterparts. In fact, most 3 to 6 year-olds in rural areas miss out on preschool entirely. 

In rural Uganda, parents often have limited knowledge of the importance of early learning and how integral it is to a child’s development. Plan’s Early Learning projects are of particular benefit to girls because they help to promote equality between girls and boys and ensure that parental attitudes and practices are supportive of young children of both sexes. 

Early Education is known to:

  • Help girls transition into formal education more easily
  • Reduces the number of girls dropping out of school
  • Reduces the rates of girls repeating grades

Activities for the program include: 

  • Early Learning centres that promote learning through play and age-appropriate activities
  • Intensive school readiness for children aged 5–6
  • A transition program to prepare children for school and schools for children.
  • Visits between children and lower primary school teachers 
  • Out of school time clubs for children who are slow learners
  • Parenting support groups
  • Training and mentoring to community volunteers


How is gender equality being addressed?

Plan's child development projects promote equality between girls and boys and ensure that parental attitudes and practices are supportive of both young boys and girls. This project helps to ensure that girls also have access to early learning and school readiness programs, which give them a better start in life. The introduction of out-of-school clubs has enabled children to improve their learning, with parents opting to send their daughters along to study instead of keeping them at home to do domestic work. Women are also actively participating in the project, with the majority of those employed as trained early childhood caregivers being female and large numbers of women attending the community parenting sessions.

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