The Uluru Safari was unforgettable. I couldn't believe that there were so many spectacular things to see out in my very own backyard. Our guide was so interesting and knowledgable about the history of the landscape and the Mala people, it was such a great way to learn. Watching the sun rise and fall across the scenery was definitely a highlight, I've never seen a more stunning sight.

For as long as I can remember, Tasmania has set my imagination running wild. Uninformed as I was, my visions were of a windswept island - battered by the winds of Bass Strait and left stripped bare by the elements. My memories of Australia's little island state are now anything but barren. In fact, my dreams now drift between elegant country towns with cosy pubs on every corner, forests that ring with chattering lyrebirds and coastlines of beauty so unrelenting - our camera seldom made it back into the bag. And of course, there is always the Bay of Fires, Tasmania's little secret that would turn the rest of Australia green with envy.

Countless people had told me about the beauty of Milford Sound, but nothing can prepare you for how utterly breathtaking it is. As we glided along, we marvelled at the crystal-clear image of the towering mountains reflected in the mirror-finish waters. We passed spectacular torrents cascading down abrupt cliffs, and finally arrived at the most jaw-dropping sight of them all - Mitre Peak, soaring skywards like the king of kings that it is.