Top 12 Thailand holiday reviews

Immortalised as the ultimate paradise escape in ‘The Beach’, holidays in Thailand have long been associated with electric blue waters, balmy beaches and backpacker hedonism. But Thailand has established itself as the stalwart of South East Asian tourism for many reasons; its ever-changing landscape – from sultry jungle escapes, cool and humid highlands, to tropical islands fringed with warm white sands and crystal clear water; a mouthwatering variety of cuisine that leaves travellers spoilt for choice – the infamous street food offerings of pad thai and thom yum are impossible to turn down; and of course, a constantly smiling people whose calm and welcoming demeanour make a holiday in Thailand feel like a trip to Utopia.


Top reviews on Thailand holidays

We could sing the praises of this tropical paradise all day long, but why not check out our Thailand holiday reviews from our travellers themselves? They’ve taken the time to tell you exactly what their trip with Intrepid was like, so have a browse through our Thailand holiday reviews below.

Thailand - Hike, Bike & Kayak , August 2016

Annette Keogh

Thailand Family Holiday , August 2016

Melinda Rees

Hilltribe Experience , August 2016

Danielle Abrahamson

Explore Northern Thailand , August 2016

Jacque Akroyd

Explore Northern Thailand , August 2016

Jordon & Stephanie Hope

Hilltribe Experience , August 2016

Alisa Koldehoff

Highlights of Thailand , August 2016

Gunter Ebhart

Thailand Family Holiday , August 2016

Martin Shenton

Beautiful Thailand , August 2016

Edward Stapleton

Thailand Family Holiday , August 2016

mark mcdermott

Thailand Beaches East Coast (May - Oct) 2016 , August 2016

Steffi Illegems

Thailand Family Holiday , August 2016

Rebecca Bowden


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