No matter what you most associate with this fascinating culture and country, a holiday in Japan will reveal some of Asia’s most intriguing and delightful highlights. A culture ruled by intricacies and etiquette, travellers can expect to experience the unique tension that exists between tradition and innovation, where flamboyant urban fashion sits comfortably alongside delicate Geisha dress and where ancient temples are housed happily beside vending machines selling anything from eggs to underwear.

Top reviews on Japan holidays

A holiday in Japan can be a leap into the unknown for many travellers who have never experienced this part of the world. But our Japan holiday reviews have come directly from Intrepid travellers experiencing the country with us, many of them for the first time. So take a look below at our Japan holiday reviews to get a feel of what an Intrepid adventure will be like for you.

Land of the Rising Sun, August 2017

Michael Field

Japan Family Holiday , August 2017

Richard Carrington

Land of the Rising Sun, July 2017

Marcel Zimmermann

Real Food Adventure - Japan, August 2017

Janet Liang

Land of the Rising Sun, August 2017

Artur Salmaslioglu

Japan Express, July 2017

Adam Caffrey

Land of the Rising Sun, July 2017

Mariegrace Mero

Land of the Rising Sun, June 2017

Tom Leach

Japan Express, July 2017

stephen vivanti

Classic Japan, July 2017

Larson Lang

Japan Express, July 2017

Kylee Stewart

Japan Express, July 2017

chandralal vidyadharan


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