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Got a brood in tow and looking for a family holiday that keeps everyone happy? Intrepid can help – we’ve got a whole range of family holidays specifically designed to ensure you and your kids get the most out of a destination, all while getting as close to real life as possible. With specially trained local leaders, you’ll be guided and supported throughout the trip, and your entire family will get to experience the destination the Intrepid way.

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If you’re considering a family holiday with Intrepid Travel, but want to find out more about what the experience is like, read through some of the reviews below – they’re from real families who have been on a family holiday with Intrepid, and their honest feedback will help you decide which trip is right for your family.

Vietnam Family Holiday , August 2016

Paul Terrett

South Africa Teenage Safari , August 2016

Sonia Phillips

Vietnam Family Holiday , August 2016

claire McCallum

Summer Pyrenees Family Holiday , August 2016

Richard Goodhead

South Africa Teenage Safari , August 2016

Sheila Thomas

Thailand Family Holiday , August 2016

Melinda Rees

Croatian Active Family Holiday , August 2016

Holly Blankenship

Peru Family Trek - Teens on the Trail , August 2016

Heather Wilson

South Africa Teenage Safari , August 2016

suzanne Baxter

China Family Holiday , July 2016

Graham Fogelman

Summer Iceland Family Adventure , August 2016

Trevor Beattie

Peru Family Trek - Teens on the Trail , July 2016

adam jones


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Travelling with my parents in Australia’s Red Centre

Posted on Thu, 21 Apr 2016

We paid for our tickets to enter Uluru National Park, sure, but we never really felt like we had express permission to be there. And then, in two words, all of the politics fell away...

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Debunked: 6 totally untrue myths about family travel

Posted on Wed, 23 Mar 2016

At it’s best, family travel is probably the most rewarding thing you can do together. Nothing makes memories better.

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