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People think family vacations are all smelly car rides, underwhelming resorts and the nagging worry you’ve forgotten the kids like they did in Home Alone. But not ours. Family travel gives you a chance to connect. A chance to learn together, have fun together, to experience something you’ll be talking about at the dinner table for years.

Whether family travel means adventures with toddlers, or teens or a bunch of grown ups who are young at heart, we've got just the trip for you. All of the good bits, none of the stress – welcome to a new style of family travel.

Family travel with kids 

These trips have been specially designed to cater to the unique needs of family travel. You'll stay at family-friendly accommodation, visit kid-friendly locations but still have all of the off-the-beaten path experiences you'd expect from a regular Intrepid Travel trip.  If you're looking for more than beaches, sun burns and boredom on your next family adventure, you're in the right place.

Family trips FAQ

Our family trips are just that – for the whole family. That means you don’t have to leave aunties, uncles and grandparents at home. As long as there is at least one child under the age of 18 travelling with you, you’re a family group. Older families should check out our regular Intrepid adventures.

Most of our trips have a minimum age of either 5 or 11 years old. Trips with a minimum age of 5 are suitable for all ages, and we can even tell you in advance the age of kids already booked on that departure. Most of our travellers are between the ages of 8 and 18 years old.

Our teenage trips have a minimum age of 11 and offer more active and challenging itineraries designed especially for older children. If you also have younger children, we will look at allowing them onto these trips on a case-by-case basis, depending on the activities on the trip and their ages.

For more information, contact one of our travel experts or your travel agent.

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Family travel for grown-ups 

Maybe you want to treat your parents to a family adventure for their big anniversary to help make up for scratching their car as a teenager, or have a family getaway with your fully-grown, semi-mature children. Either way, you don't have to have young kids or be one yourself to take an Intrepid family adventure. We think travelling with loved ones is special no matter what age. 

Whether it's finally having a home-cooked meal together in Italy (with a local Italian doing the cooking), reliving those road trips on a jeep ride through the Serengeti, or adding photos of you all lazing on a Thai beach together to the family album, we've got just the adventure for your family.

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Top picks for adult family travel

The ultimate family vacation starts with a little bit of research, a dash of compromise and a lot of schedule coordination. To help take the guess work out of planning your next family adventure, here are our top picks. Each with plenty of departures to choose from, activities everyone can enjoy and endless photo ops for next year's holiday cards.

10 Days From £575

From the colourful, chaotic Marrakech medinas to the moody Sahara desert landscape,...

8 Days From £610

Discover the natural wonders and rich cultural history of Belize. This laidback...

9 Days From £680

Even in a region well known for its natural diversity, Costa Rica is still a stand out....

8 Days From £890

It may only be the USA's thirteenth largest state, but Utah packs more into its 200,000...

10 Days From £1,125

Wild, tropical and remote, think of Borneo as South-East Asia's answer to the Amazon....

8 Days From £1,195

This adventure bounds from the Gothic monuments of Split, through the pristine scenery...

9 Days From £1,225

Head into the serene highlands of Colombia's famed coffee region and discover the...

18 Days From £1,365

Discover the allure of southern Africa as you roam from the golden plains of the world...

6 Days From £1,767

No matter where you’ve been before and what you’ve heard about the Galapagos Islands, a...

11 Days From £1,875

Hike the Franz Josef Glacier, kayak with dolphins in Doubtful Sound, view New Zealand's...

15 Days From £2,110

Follow an enticing trail of delicious tapas, avant-garde art, architectural triumphs...

10 Days From £2,195

Travel to Iceland and delve into the ancient land of Vikings and volcanoes on this 10...

12 Days From £2,978

Pack your chopsticks and celebrate thousands of years of food artistry by diving into...