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A fascinating blend of tradition and modernity, Japan has a unique way of respecting the old and welcoming the new. The quirky Harajuku culture and high-tech gadgets of Tokyo sit peacefully alongside the spiritual serenity of monasteries, temples and shrines, the lasting traditions of the delicate Geishas, ritualistic tea ceremonies and onsen bathing. Japan lives in the moment with a respectful nod to the past. 

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USD $4,185
CAD $5,076
AUD $5,955
EUR €3,870
GBP £3,045
NZD $6,395
ZAR R68,335
CHF FR4,280
Experience the best of this fascinating country on a comprehensive tour of Japan. From Tokyo city to cultural Kyoto,...
USD $1,746
CAD $2,119
AUD $2,485
EUR €1,615
GBP £1,270
NZD $2,670
ZAR R28,515
CHF FR1,785
From neon lights in Tokyo city to temples in Kyoto, this express tour of Japan will delight travellers young and old.
USD $2,983
CAD $3,618
AUD $4,250
EUR €2,680
GBP £2,175
NZD $4,570
ZAR R48,755
CHF FR2,965
Follow the Winter Festival Trail around Japan’s northernmost island. See the world’s biggest snow sculptures in...
USD $4,468
CAD $5,413
AUD $6,355
EUR €4,130
GBP £3,250
NZD $6,830
ZAR R72,925
CHF FR4,565
Journey from beautiful Kyoto to the bright lights of Tokyo and explore temples, provincial towns and gorgeous parks...
USD $4,144
CAD $5,022
AUD $5,895
EUR €3,830
GBP £3,015
NZD $6,340
ZAR R67,650
CHF FR4,235
Travel from Tokyo through Kyoto to Osaka, learning traditional recipes, seeing the sights and dining on some of the...
AUD $6,135
GBP £3,180
Enjoy a taste of the orient on this remarkable family adventure in Japan. From dazzling cities and majestic mountains...
USD $4,617
CAD $5,598
AUD $6,570
EUR €4,270
GBP £3,360
NZD $7,065
ZAR R75,395
CHF FR4,720
Experience the best of this fascinating country on a comprehensive cycling tour of Japan. Cycling from cultural Kyoto...
USD $1,692
CAD $1,982
AUD $2,080
EUR €1,470
GBP £1,077
NZD $2,282
ZAR R19,557
CHF FR1,505
From Tokyo’s neon-lit streets to the peace and quiet of majestic Mt Fuji, experience an action-packed short break in...

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