Cycling tours

We think the world’s at its best when there’s nothing between it and you. No big bus window. No iPhone screen. No maps or walls or guidebooks. Just the wind and the open road.

That’s the thinking behind our brand new cycling trips. There’s a nice simplicity to cycling. You start at A and slowly ride your way to B, powered by nothing but your own legs…and maybe a Provencal orange cake and a couple of extra-strength café au lait. This is cycling Intrepid-style. Which means it’s not the Tour de France. You don’t get prizes for coming in first, and the lycra bodysuits are definitely optional. These trips are for people who really want to see a place, not just travel it. Ride on.

Our cycling tours

USD $1,917
CAD $2,322
AUD $2,725
EUR €1,770
GBP £1,395
NZD $2,930
ZAR R31,270
CHF FR1,960
Jump in the saddle for a two-wheeled adventure tour of Vietnam. Take in cultural delights in Hanoi, white sand...
USD $1,206
CAD $1,462
AUD $1,795
EUR €1,115
GBP £875
NZD $1,845
ZAR R19,680
CHF FR1,230
Explore laidback Cuba on a two-wheeled round-trip adventure from Havana. Cycle along rural roads, roll cigars, swim...
USD $2,245
CAD $2,367
AUD $2,780
EUR €1,795
GBP £1,640
NZD $2,990
ZAR R31,900
CHF FR1,995
See Southeast Asia from two wheels on this 13-day adventure from Ho Chi Minh to Bangkok. Cruise along dusty lanes...
USD $1,840
CAD $2,232
AUD $2,620
EUR €1,695
GBP £1,340
NZD $2,815
ZAR R30,065
CHF FR1,885
Travel to India and cycle the romantic Rajasthan region. Tour from Delhi to Pushkar and travel to the Taj Mahal of...
USD $2,092
CAD $2,538
AUD $2,980
EUR €1,935
GBP £1,525
NZD $3,195
ZAR R34,195
CHF FR2,140
Discover a world of spice and splendour on a cycling trip across Sri Lanka, taking in Kandy, Mirissa, Negombo and...
USD $3,247
CAD $3,938
AUD $4,619
EUR €3,002
GBP £2,362
NZD $4,967
ZAR R53,011
CHF FR3,319
Ride across the many and varied landscapes of Central America on a cycling tour of Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.
USD $2,511
CAD $3,042
AUD $3,570
EUR €2,320
GBP £1,825
NZD $3,840
ZAR R40,965
CHF FR2,565
Climb into the driver's seat for a cycling tour through a land it often feels like time forgot. Ride around the...
USD $1,579
CAD $1,912
AUD $2,245
EUR €1,460
GBP £1,150
NZD $2,415
ZAR R25,760
CHF FR1,615
Discover the beauty of Morocco on a two-week cycling adventure. From the buzz of cities like Marrakech and Fes, to...
USD $4,617
CAD $5,598
AUD $6,570
EUR €4,270
GBP £3,360
NZD $7,065
ZAR R75,395
CHF FR4,720
Experience the best of this fascinating country on a comprehensive cycling tour of Japan. Cycling from cultural Kyoto...
USD $2,367
CAD $2,866
AUD $3,365
EUR €2,185
GBP £1,720
NZD $3,620
ZAR R38,615
CHF FR2,420
Enjoy a cycling adventure along the south west coast of India, visiting Kerala, Karnataka and Goa.
USD $2,178
CAD $2,376
AUD $2,825
EUR €1,960
GBP £1,450
NZD $3,040
ZAR R26,060
CHF FR1,995
Jump in the saddle for a two-wheeled adventure tour of Vietnam. Take in cultural delights in Hanoi, white sand...
USD $1,665
CAD $2,020
AUD $2,370
EUR €1,540
GBP £1,210
NZD $2,550
ZAR R27,195
CHF FR1,705
Encounter the picturesque hills and olive groves of Tuscany on this cycling adventure from Florence to Pisa, stopping...
USD $1,521
CAD $1,777
AUD $2,075
EUR €1,330
GBP £1,070
NZD $2,280
ZAR R19,515
CHF FR1,365
Explore laidback Cuba on a two-wheeled round-trip adventure from Havana. Cycle along rural roads, swim in the Rio San...
USD $1,701
CAD $2,061
AUD $2,420
EUR €1,570
GBP £1,240
NZD $2,595
ZAR R27,770
CHF FR1,740
This cycling tour through Provence, visiting Avignon, Orange, St Remy and Arles, is the perfect blend of scenic trail...
USD $2,668
CAD $3,235
AUD $3,795
EUR €2,465
GBP £1,940
NZD $4,080
ZAR R43,550
CHF FR2,725
Discover the best of Tanzania on this unique cycling adventure. Safari through the Serengeti, meet the Maasai,...
USD $1,611
CAD $1,953
AUD $2,290
EUR €1,485
GBP £1,170
NZD $2,460
ZAR R26,280
CHF FR1,645
Discover the ancient cities of Croatia on this Dalmatian cycling tour. Ride to Split, Dubrovnik, and see the famous...
USD $2,115
CAD $2,565
AUD $2,995
EUR €1,955
GBP £1,540
NZD $3,235
ZAR R34,540
CHF FR2,165
Don’t miss a thing on this cycling adventure through the south west of South Africa – covering Cape Town,...
USD $1,885
CAD $2,295
AUD $2,695
EUR €1,750
GBP £1,380
NZD $2,895
ZAR R30,925
CHF FR1,935
Get your heart racing on a cycling tour through Andalucia. Ride through Madrid, Seville, Ronda, Granada and the...
USD $1,165
CAD $1,417
AUD $1,665
EUR €1,080
GBP £850
NZD $1,790
ZAR R19,105
CHF FR1,195
Cycling allows you to get closer to the real face of Thailand. From bicycles to blissful beaches, lush national parks...
USD $1,521
CAD $1,845
AUD $2,165
EUR €1,395
GBP £1,110
NZD $2,325
ZAR R24,845
CHF FR1,555
Retrace the steps of ancient empires on this cycling tour through Austria, Slovakia and Hungary, featuring stops in...
USD $1,728
CAD $1,885
AUD $2,240
EUR €1,550
GBP £1,150
NZD $2,395
ZAR R20,640
CHF FR1,595
Travel to India and visit the romantic Rajasthan region. Tour from Delhi to Pushkar and travel to the Taj Mahal of...
USD $1,579
CAD $1,917
AUD $2,250
EUR €1,460
GBP £1,150
NZD $2,420
ZAR R25,820
CHF FR1,615
This Sabah Adventure tour through the Borneo wilderness will truly capture your imagination. Climb Mt Kinabalu and...
USD $823
CAD $963
AUD $1,125
EUR €795
GBP £585
NZD $1,210
ZAR R10,575
Walk, ride and raft in the outdoor paradise that is the Pyrenees. Visit Andorra, bike through the Iron Route,...
USD $1,300
CAD $1,575
AUD $1,850
EUR €1,195
GBP £945
NZD $1,990
ZAR R21,230
CHF FR1,330
Jump aboard an active tour of Northern Thailand. Visit Bangkok, explore Chiang Mai, take a hilltribe trek and kayak...
USD $370
CAD $435
AUD $455
EUR €320
GBP £235
NZD $495
ZAR R4,280
Trekking in Chiang Mai, explore Thailand's lush jungle areas, go rafting on the Mae Taeng river - visit Thailand on...
USD $4,477
CAD $4,900
AUD $5,830
EUR €3,880
GBP £2,995
NZD $6,265
ZAR R53,730
CHF FR4,135
Gear up for an energising and rewarding cycling tour that takes in the best of Southeast Asia. Bike your way around...
USD $1,327
CAD $1,611
AUD $1,890
EUR €1,225
GBP £965
NZD $2,030
ZAR R21,690
CHF FR1,360
Pump up the octane on this active Croatia adventure. Enjoy hiking, mountain biking, trekking, whitewater rafting and...
USD $1,215
CAD $1,476
AUD $1,730
EUR €1,125
GBP £885
NZD $1,860
ZAR R19,850
CHF FR1,245
Based in Bled, hike Mt Vogel, bike through Triglav National Park and raft the rapids of the Sava Dolinka River. There...

Cycling tours by region

Cycling tours FAQ

Our cycling tours span the gamut of two-wheeled challenges: from a leisurely ride through Vietnam to cycling across landscapes of Cuba. Some of these trips include cycling as just one of a number of active adventures, others are more cycling focussed (ie. You’ll be riding almost every day).

To take the hassle out of preparing for your trip, we've included bike hire on all our dedicated cycling tours. Alternatively, you can bring your trusty bike from home. If you're bringing your own bike, make sure you let us know when booking so we can make sure your bike is appropruate for that particular tour. As always, check your Trip Notes for more information. 
Bringing your own bike – If you are a dedicated cyclist or just want to take your bike on a holiday, you can usually bring it along for the ride. You’ll need to box it up for transport on the plane: the easiest way to do this is to go to your local bike shop and ask if they will do it for you (a fee may apply). They often have boxes on hand from old stock and have the tools to remove the pedals and secure your handlebars. Airline fees will also apply, so check with your airline about costs. It's worth remembering not all trips will be able to accommodate your own bike, so let us know what you're planning at the time of booking.
Hiring a bike – The bikes we use are from proven brands, very well maintained, typically less than 3 years old (most are newer) and specifically chosen to suit the terrain you'll be cycling on the trip. They come in the full range of sizes from extra small to extra large and usually have front suspension, flat bars, and 27 gears. The only thing you need to do is advise us of your height at the time of booking. We’ll handle the rest. If you'd like, you can always take your own saddle (seat) or gel over-cover for comfort sake, and if you want to use cleats, bring your pedals and shoes too. 

All airlines will have their own rules and fees when transporting bikes. Make sure you contact the airline (preferably) before you pay for your flights to see what charges and requirements they have.

Before you go, you must box your bike for transport. See our section ‘taking your own bike vs. hiring one’ for more information.

On all of our cycling tours your accommodation is pre-booked and your luggage is transferred from one point to the next. All you have to carry is water, and any snacks or gadgets you may want and a few layers to keep you dry and warm. A small, lightweight backpack may come in handy.

Helmets are compulsory on our cycling tours, so you can either bring your own or (to save on luggage space) buy one at a local bike shop once you arrive in-country. We also recommend you bring your own water bottle/hydration pack, and closed shoes. You may also wish to bring Cycling shorts, and (if you ride regularly at home) your own saddle and pedals. Many of our clients who do not ride regularly find a gel seat cover helpful in making the ride more comfortable. For more info on packing, check out the What to Pack section of your Trip Notes.

All you need to enjoy our cycling trips is the ability to ride a bicycle and a passion for seeing a destination on two wheels. That’s about it.

While there are occasionally longer days on some itineraries, the vast majority of our cycling days are between 30-60kms and are done at a leisurely pace with plenty of opportunities to stop and enjoy the scenery/just take a break. Anyone with a reasonable level of fitness will get by with no troubles.

Our cycling trips are done predominantly on sealed roads (with the odd unsealed section), but none of the trips require any specialist cycling skills. We’ve also researched extra riding routes in each of the destinations we visit, so if you want to stretch your legs a bit more, you can.

We run risk assessments on each and everyone of our cycling trips to make sure they’re up to scratch, and your cycling leaders have personally ridden every inch of the itinerary in advance. We’ve assessed the road conditions, the level of traffic and any potential blackspots. Our leaders are trained in cycling health and safety, as well as basic first aid, and we usually have a vehicle following us if an evacuation ever becomes necessary. We’ve also made sure our cycling tours depart during the milder months, when the weather isn’t too hot or too cold, so the ride should be as pleasant (and safe) as possible. 

Not as a rule. Any injuries you might suffer while riding should be covered by the more reputable comprehensive policies (we can recommend some good brands if you’re unsure of what to get). It’s always important to double check the fine print before departing on your trip, and be aware that (like all Intrepid trips) travel insurance is compulsory on our cycling itineraries.

Traveller reviews

Our Cycling trips score an average of 4.81 out of 5 based on 263 reviews in the last year.

Turkey - Hike, Bike & Kayak , September 2016

Rupert Wace

Turkey - Hike, Bike & Kayak , September 2016

Angie Keen

Turkey - Hike, Bike & Kayak , September 2016

Abby McGowan

Thailand - Hike, Bike & Kayak , August 2016

Annette Keogh

Our favourite cycling destinations


The Croatian islands were built for cycling trips. Little olive groves and hilltop villages on Brac, Korcula’s cliff top switchbacks and charming local vineyards, nights spent recuperating with fresh seafood plucked straight from the Adriatic. Get ready for a blur of orange orchards, white pebble beaches and buckets of tangy gelato, Dalmatian-style. Check out our Croatia cycling trip.


Don’t worry, we won’t be leading you on any mountain climbs up to the Alpe d’Huez. French cycling for us is more about slipping into the rhythms of local Provencal life. Stopping for a picnic with the group by the Gardon River, browsing for antiques in Uzes or Tarascon, riding quiet country lanes outside Caderousse. It’s tough work, but someone’s gotta do it. Check out our Provence cycling trip.


More than 30 million Vietnamese can’t be wrong – this country looks better from handlebar height. We’ll set off from Hanoi, riding along cliff top passes and down quiet rice paddy roads. And after a long day in the saddle? Piping hot pho cut with lemon and chilli, and crusty banh mi all round. Check out our Vietnam cycling tour.


It’s what you’d call a ‘classic’ cycling destination, but there’s no doubt Morocco is an up-and-comer in the world of two-wheeled adventure. Where else can you cycle silhouetted against the dunes of the Sahara? Swap your bike for a camel? Or spend the night with Berber tribesmen in your very own desert camp? Yep, this isn’t your typical cycling tour. Check out our Morocco cycling itinerary


Cuba ticks all the culture boxes (Cadillacs, cigars and nostalgia-soaked streets? Um, yes please.) But it’s a rider’s paradise too: mostly flat, relatively compact, with a big variety of landscapes. Think rural villages around Vinales, the pristine beaches of Cayo Jutias and  stunning forests of Las Terrazas. Muy bueno. Check out our Cuba cycling tour.


The whiff of orange blossom in the air, the twang of a flamenco guitar, some ridiculous white-washed village perched on a crag – Andalucía is almost clichéd in its Spanish-ness. It’s hard to imagine a better backdrop for a cycling trip, and our route from Seville to Granada is a perfect intro for beginner cyclists. Check out our Andalucia cycling trip.


A cycling trip in Tuscany? Just form an orderly queue. We’ll start on the cobbled lanes of Florence and work our way (in no particular hurry) through the rolling hills of Garfagnana and Barga’s sun-dappled vineyards and olive groves and on to the famed towns of Lucca and Pisa. If all that sounds like some Italian black and white movie starring a guy with a moustache, it’s because it is. Check out our Tuscany cycling trip.

South Africa

You’re zooming down a coastal road, with the green cliffs of the Cape on one side and the endless blue of the South Atlantic on the other. A couple of humpback whales surface cinematically out to sea, and the air carries the grapey tang of the Stellenbosch winelands. Yep, that’s cycling in South Africa for you. Check out our South Africa cycling itinerary

A few of our cycling leaders

Our local leaders are all cycling junkies, but they go through some pretty rigorous training before being allowed behind the handlebars of an Intrepid cycling tour. Each one has undergone on-road supervision and knows how to do safety checks, basic repairs and emergency first-aid. But they’re still regular Intrepid leaders, which means they know the best local bars, cafes and hidden spots (not to mention handling all the logistical stuff). You just focus on the ride.  


“Justaz was an excellent guide, so motivated, confident and very approachable. He always made sure the group was comfortable. Worth his weight in gold!”

Breanne Chrimes – Kilimanjaro Marangu Route


“Chai is a real asset to intrepid. He knowledge and enthusiasm was great. He kept us going in the tough bits and made it a fun experience.”

Geoff Barker – Thailand Hike, Bike and Kayak


“The best tour guide I have ever had. She was always looking after our needs and nothing was too much trouble for her. Thank you, Is!"

Pretesh Mistry – Thailand Hike, Bike and Kayak

The bikes we use

On most of our cycling trips we’ll be using hardtail mountain bikes, armed with front suspension. Depending on the country, we’ll use a mix of makes and models, like Giant Talon and Trek X Caliber 5, but they’re all pretty similar when it comes to form and function. Our bikes are serviced regularly in-country, by local experts who know their stuff. We’ve also got a support vehicle that travels around with the group, so any pesky broken chains or flat tyres can be fixed in a jiffy. Of course you can usually bring your own (check out the FAQ above for all the logistical info).

Responsible cycling tours

Everyone knows that riding a bike is good for you (even factoring in the odd Florentine gelato or Tuscan cellar door pitstop). But it’s good for the environment too. Our cycling itineraries (like all our trips) are 100% carbon offset, and obviously the majority of transport on the trips is powered by the greenest energy of all: yours. Each cycling trip has a support vehicle in tow, but it’s still one of the most eco-friendly ways to see the world. Trust us, we design it that way. For more info, check out our Responsible Travel policies.

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