It’s one of the top three reasons that we choose one destination over another – right up there with the landscape and culture – a country’s food is a big draw-card for Intrepid travellers. And here at Intrepid Travel, we’ve been running specialist food adventures for a few years now, so we know what makes a great culinary focused itinerary. From local cooking classes to some of the world’s greatest hole-in-the-wall eateries, a food holiday with Intrepid will have your tastebuds reeling with delight. 


Top reviews on Food holidays

If a tour through a region’s culinary hotspots gets your mouth watering, then take a look through our top food trip reviews below. You’ll find feedback from Intrepid passengers who have experienced one of our Real Food Adventures to help you decide which tour will be best for you.


Real Food Adventure - Cambodia, March 2017

Gary Lockwood

Real Food Adventure - Vietnam , March 2017

Robyn Raymond

Real Food Adventure - India , February 2017

Sue Horell

Real Food Adventure - Vietnam , February 2017

Stephen Tan

Real Food Adventure - India , March 2017


Real Food Adventure - India , March 2017

Susan Vickering

Real Food Adventure - Vietnam , March 2017

diana hall

Real Food Adventure - India , March 2017

Linda Boose

Real Food Adventure - India , March 2017

James Boose

Real Food Adventure - Mexico, March 2017

Juliette Mirsepasy

Real Food Adventure - Sri Lanka , March 2017

Brent Heitbaum

Real Food Adventure - India , January 2017

Dyann Russell


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