Welcome to one of the happiest web pages on earth! This is the place to see all the fabulous prizes people have won recently with Intrepid. For our Intrepid Express win-a-trip competition, these winners are announced in the free email newsletter – only subscribers can win, so sign up today

Auckland Food Show

Winners of the The Food Show Auckland prize pack, including Nadia Lim's new book, The Good Food Cook Book, and the Lonely Planet Spicy Food Book, as well as a double pass to Auckland Food Show on 31 July to 3 August are: Marie Furness, Hannah Reid, Nigel Grey, Richard Bates and Jenny Marx.

Wellington Food Show

Janine Staunton, Katie Moore, Amanda Bateman, Lisa Lafou and Alison Phua have won a Nadia Lim's new book,The Good Food Cook Book, and the Lonely Planet Spicy Food Book, as well as a double pass to Wellington Food Show on 9-11 May!

Adventure Travel Film Festival

Jasmine McKeever and Matt Rousu have one a weekend pass to the Adventure Travel Film Festival in picturesque Bright, Victoria. Congratulations Jasmine and Matt!


I Am A Girl DVD Giveaway

I Am A Girl is a feature length documentary that beautifully captures a series of portraits of global girlhood - weaving a universal story through the voices of six different girls in six different locations around the world. Intrepid is a very proud contributor to the making of this important and inspiring film. These ten people have won a copy each of this acclaimed documentary: Wendy Allanson, Noel Bird, Gaetano Castiglione, Dellane Conn, Sally Anderson, Kathryn Heading, Maria Carkagis, Karen Turnock, George Shortis, Sean Corrigan.

Perennial Plate - Italy competition

Jake - Levy-Pollans was the lucky winner of our 8 day Rome to Almalfi trips with flights.  A huge congratulations Jake!

Taste of Auckland- Vietnam Real Food Adventure competition

Mrs Vanessa Clouder was the winner of the Vietnam Real Food Adventure thanks to Intrepid Travel, Singapore Airlines and Mondo Travel. A big congratulations from us all!

Taste of Melbourne- Food Adventures & Books competition

Bec Lauchlan was the deserving winner of the food adventure voucher & Lonely Planet food prize pack. Thanks for all your entries!

Express Survey Giveaway

Thanks to all our wonderful Intrepid travellers who completed our Express Newsletter survey.  The below participants have secured an Urban Adventure for two anywhere around the world.

  • Shane Westmore
  • Jelena Budjevac
  • Arian Collins
  • Sharni Marie Brazier
  • Pauline Waddell


A Winning Adventure

A lucky Australian subscriber has won a family pass to the Adventure Film Festival. Congratulations to Lynda Mills. 

Turn Right at Machu Picchu

Three Australian Intrepid Express subscribers have told us when they have ‘bitten off more than they could chew’ while travelling to win a copy of the book “Turn Right at Machu Picchu.” 

  • Michael Macklin
  • Alexandra Stott
  • Helen Haines


Aussie Musical Moments

Ten lucky Australian Intrepid Express subscribers have won a copy of ‘The Sapphires’ on DVD by telling us their favourite Australian music moment. And the winners are:

  • Helen Kelly
  • Lynne Jackson
  • Susan Maccora
  • Luke Griffiths
  • Lisa Annis
  • Jasmin Logg-Scarvell
  • Linda Dal Castello
  • Cathy Ward
  • Katie Bird
  • A. Leong


To Rome with Love

Our New Zealand subscribers told us what they love about Rome in order to win a two-for-one pass to see the new Woody Allen flick, ‘To Rome with Love.’ Congratulations to our winners:

  • Alison S
  • Michael Jones
  • Ann Rendall
  • Stepanka Sabrsula
  • Dave Lopez
  • Katrina Hansen
  • Joanne Selby
  • Dax Bhana
  • Bren George
  • Sue Wilde
  • Beth Bach
  • Teresa Ellis
  • Andrea Carr
  • Vinnie Grant
  • Simone Emms
  • Anna Myers
  • Alice Adiwinata
  • Jo Bean
  • Robyn Reed
  • Denise Glass
  • Jamie Ho kew Loh
  • Lindsay Gregory


Inspired by India

Congratulations to our Australian and New Zealand Express subscribers who have won a double pass to see the new Ang Lee movie, ‘Life of Pi’.

  • Merryl Don
  • Tara Nikelis
  • Takiko Yalichev
  • Elizabeth Mather
  • Keith Besomo
  • Alana Colbert
  • Jane Sim
  • Sean Corrigan
  • Wendy Allanson
  • Aysen Mustafa
  • Jennifer Russell
  • Michelle Tomkins
  • Helen Politis
  • Mark Goss
  • Tony Boyd
  • Danielle Reckless
  • Nicola Farquharson
  • Sofie Hakansson
  • Jackie Cooper
  • Sharon Barfoot
  • Dorothy Belcher
  • Caroline Chapman
  • Elizabeth McKay
  • Ann Kidd
  • Jason Lopez
  • Carol Brodie
  • Cushla Delaney
  • Vanessa Grant
  • Graham Anderson
  • Joana Sang
  • Teresa Ellis
  • Ann Rendall
  • Dax Bhana
  • Allison De Wet