We like to travel the local way. Eat the local way. Interact with locals and live like locals. And if that means jumping in a canoe and paddling down a river, or riding a tuk-tuk through a maze of busy streets, then that’s what we do.  We might stay in a local homestay with a local family. Or we might eat at a family restaurant known only to the locals. And behind all of these local experiences is an expert local leader – English-speaking, enthusiastic and passionate about their country, they are the key to our truly local experience.  Our trained leaders are experts in facilitating group family adventure holidays, and of course, they love kids! 

Of course, the kids will play a huge part in facilitating local interaction as well; they are the ultimate in cross-cultural ice-breakers. Whether it’s the local kids or your own, we all know that most kids aren’t afraid to ask questions and say hello. Before you know it they’ll be bartering in the bazaars, ordering food from a street BBQ, or asking to steer the mokoro. And that means you’ll be right in the thick of the fun stuff too. Above all, the shared experiences that come from you and your children interacting with different cultures around the world means that you’ll be creating memories together - once in a lifetime experiences that you’ll probably never forget.