20% OFF Dragoman trips in South America & East Africa*

Anyone can plan a road trip. You get a car, fill ‘er up and head straight for the horizon. But what if you wanted to take it to a whole new level? To trade sleepy motels for a traditional Argentine estancia? Featureless highways for the wilds of Patagonia or the Bolivian Altiplano? Your beat-up old Volvo for a purpose-built truck, the GPS lady for an expert leader, and your small crew of old friends for a small crew of new ones? For that level of adventure, you need a professional. That’s where we – with our friends at Dragoman – come in. 

For a limited time, we’re offering up to 20% OFF* Dragoman operated trips in South America & East Africa. All you have to do is book by 10 October 2016, travel before 01 July 2017 and leave the rest to us. The open road is ready for you. Buckle up, adventurers.

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Included trips

USD $1,632
CAD $2,166
AUD $2,189
EUR €1,467
GBP £1,109
NZD $2,351
ZAR R23,195
CHF FR1,578
Discover Incan heartlands on this Overland Bolivia and Peru tour. Travel from La Paz to Cuzco and take in Lake...
USD $3,066
CAD $4,078
AUD $4,105
EUR €2,760
GBP £2,085
NZD $4,415
ZAR R43,151
CHF FR3,060
Visit Africa and travel to Kenya for an overland tour to spot gorillas and rhinos in the jungles of Rwanda and Uganda...
USD $1,678
CAD $2,235
AUD $2,229
EUR €1,507
GBP £1,135
NZD $2,397
ZAR R22,963
CHF FR1,673
Soak up the sizzling South American sunshine on an escapade through Brazil and Argentina's attractions. Hearts will...
USD $2,522
CAD $3,354
AUD $3,357
EUR €2,260
GBP £1,709
NZD $3,609
ZAR R34,978
CHF FR2,418
Travel from La Paz to Lima and discover the vibrant heart of Inca culture. Trek an Inca trail and visit Colca Canyon,...
USD $1,760
CAD $2,344
AUD $2,327
EUR €1,576
GBP £1,190
NZD $2,508
ZAR R23,989
CHF FR1,755
Travel from La Paz to Buenos Aires and discover the heart of South America. This vacation has it all, from a Salar de...
USD $1,870
CAD $2,499
AUD $2,457
EUR €1,675
GBP £1,260
NZD $2,645
ZAR R25,691
CHF FR1,846
Adventure through the wilds of Patagonia on a journey that begins in Ushuaia in the south of Argentina and travels to...
USD $1,886
CAD $2,520
AUD $2,479
EUR €1,690
GBP £1,271
NZD $2,669
ZAR R25,005
CHF FR1,790
Tour Patagonia and discover one of the world's most amazing regions. Travel from Santiago to Ushuaia and explore...
USD $1,792
CAD $2,350
AUD $2,483
EUR €1,614
GBP £1,241
NZD $2,670
ZAR R28,520
CHF FR1,787
Visit South America and travel through Chile, Argentina and Bolivia. Tour Santiago, Mendoza, Cafayate and Salta....
USD $1,578
CAD $2,106
AUD $2,084
EUR €1,416
GBP £1,065
NZD $2,239
ZAR R21,228
CHF FR1,502
Take an exciting overland trip through Colombia. Travel from Quito to Cartagena, visiting Los Nevados NP, Cali,...
USD $1,916
CAD $2,572
AUD $2,511
EUR €1,719
GBP £1,291
NZD $2,697
ZAR R24,904
CHF FR1,917
Travel to Africa and get to know Ethiopia on a fascinating trip that circuits the country's north. Visit the Blue...
USD $2,832
CAD $3,715
AUD $3,922
EUR €2,546
GBP £1,960
NZD $4,217
ZAR R45,059
CHF FR2,827
Visit South America and travel through Argentina and Chile, from Santiago to Buenos Aires via Ushuaia. Experience...
USD $1,614
CAD $2,154
AUD $2,124
EUR €1,448
GBP £1,089
NZD $2,287
ZAR R21,580
CHF FR1,610
Visit South America and travel through Ecuador and Peru on a tour from Quito to Lima. Explore the Amazon Jungle, Rio...
USD $1,752
CAD $2,286
AUD $2,420
EUR €1,572
GBP £1,209
NZD $2,602
ZAR R27,797
CHF FR1,747
This tour captures the zesty culture of two amazing countries in South America. Between Rio and BA, visit Paraty, the...
USD $9,878
CAD $12,924
AUD $13,644
EUR €8,864
GBP £6,814
NZD $14,667
ZAR R156,614
CHF FR9,845
Visit South America and travel through Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador. Follow the Inca trail and...
USD $1,788
CAD $2,382
AUD $2,363
EUR €1,598
GBP £1,209
NZD $2,542
ZAR R24,248
CHF FR1,783
Visit South America and travel through Bolivia, Argentina and Chile from La Paz to Santiago. Visit Potosi, Salar de...
USD $9,740
CAD $12,996
AUD $12,923
EUR €8,757
GBP £6,597
NZD $13,895
ZAR R132,422
CHF FR9,727
Visit South America and travel through Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile and Brazil. Follow the Inca trail,...
USD $2,832
CAD $3,715
AUD $3,922
EUR €2,546
GBP £1,960
NZD $4,217
ZAR R45,059
CHF FR2,827
Discover penguins, glaciers and eye-popping cities on an epic South American adventure. Travel from Buenos Aires to...
USD $1,680
CAD $2,230
AUD $2,249
EUR €1,511
GBP £1,141
NZD $2,419
ZAR R23,759
CHF FR1,622
Take a scenic Overland tour from Peru to Bolivia. Be wooed by the vibrant heart of Inca lands
USD $1,824
CAD $2,424
AUD $2,439
EUR €1,638
GBP £1,238
NZD $2,623
ZAR R25,688
CHF FR1,758
Fall in love with Peru on this adventure tour. Travel from Lima to Cuzco via the Ballestas Islands, Nazca Lines,...
USD $6,114
CAD $8,153
AUD $8,128
EUR €5,492
GBP £4,145
NZD $8,739
ZAR R79,004
CHF FR5,709
Go Overland from Lima to Rio with Intrepid Travel. Uncover hidden treasures from Peru to Brazil via Bolivia and...
USD $4,326
CAD $5,762
AUD $5,748
EUR €3,885
GBP £2,932
NZD $6,181
ZAR R57,352
CHF FR4,142
Visit South America and travel through Peru, Bolivia and Argentina from Lima to Buenos Aires. Follow the Inca Trail,...
USD $1,872
CAD $2,488
AUD $2,503
EUR €1,682
GBP £1,270
NZD $2,691
ZAR R26,288
CHF FR1,806
Visit South America and travel through Peru from Cuzco to Lima. Follow the Inca Trail, visit Machu Picchu, explore...
USD $1,652
CAD $2,205
AUD $2,174
EUR €1,479
GBP £1,114
NZD $2,336
ZAR R34,097
CHF FR2,652
Take an exciting overland trip through Colombia. Travel from Cartagena to Quito visiting Mompos, Medellin, Manizales,...
USD $1,624
CAD $2,174
AUD $2,136
EUR €1,461
GBP £1,093
NZD $2,295
ZAR R21,275
CHF FR1,621
Discover the delights of Ethiopia from the natural beauty of the Simien Mountains to the rock-hewn churches of...
USD $2,164
CAD $2,896
AUD $2,863
EUR €1,948
GBP £1,462
NZD $3,076
ZAR R28,885
CHF FR2,163
Travel to Africa and tour Kenya and Ethiopia on a trip from Nairobi to Addis Ababa. Visit Lake Nakuru, the Samburu...
Travel Overland from Lima, Peru, to Quito, Ecuador. Hit the beach in Punta Sal, get daring in Banos and go camping in...
USD $2,098
CAD $2,805
AUD $2,773
EUR €1,889
GBP £1,418
NZD $2,983
ZAR R27,977
CHF FR2,097
Travel to Africa and be immersed in traditional cultures, spot Africa's Big Five on game drives and journey through...
USD $3,602
CAD $4,818
AUD $4,749
EUR €3,236
GBP £2,429
NZD $5,105
ZAR R47,914
CHF FR3,598
Tour Kenya and Ethiopia on a trip from Nairobi to Gonder. Visit the Samburu Reserve, the remote Omo Valley, the...
USD $3,626
CAD $4,407
AUD $4,633
EUR €3,155
GBP £2,371
NZD $4,979
ZAR R46,732
CHF FR3,506
Travel to Ethiopia and visit the unique landscapes and cultures of this almost untouched region before visiting Kenya...
USD $1,532
CAD $2,004
AUD $2,119
EUR €1,372
GBP £1,059
NZD $2,280
ZAR R24,339
CHF FR1,527
Throw yourself into Brazil’s spectacular outdoors on this two-week camping adventure, taking in the like of Paraty,...
USD $3,080
CAD $3,357
AUD $4,255
EUR €2,473
GBP £2,126
NZD $4,572
ZAR R48,857
CHF FR3,063
Experience the culture and natural beauty of Brazil and Uruguay on this South American adventure, with a little...

About our Overlanding adventures

The accommodation you stay in depends on the style of Overland adventure you choose. Often you’ll be camping out in the wild, but on some adventures you may stay in hotels or lodges. 

When camping, you’ll sometimes stay at official campsites and make use of the facilities, while other times you’ll pitch your tent in the bush, experiencing the beauty of a region up close. Our tents are generous on space, as they are slightly larger than the average two-person tent, and come with built in mosquito screens. All you need to bring is your sleeping bag and a travel pillow; though check the trip notes for more details on what to pack for the adventure ahead. 

Facilities at campsites can differ and on occasion you might even have access to a pool to cool down from the day’s heat. Other times, facilities are basic or non-existent, so you’ll need to be prepared to rough it for a bit. But many of our passengers agree – one of the highlights of overlanding is wild camping in remote areas, which allows us to get far from the tourist crowds and to see some beautiful, secluded spots.

Our Overland trips are designed for multi-share accommodation, whether camping or staying in hotels, and so don’t have a single supplement. For those travelling solo, you’ll share with someone of the same gender. Your trip notes give you details of how much of your trip is spent camping, in hostels or hotels, and upgrades are often possible at campsites and in towns.


From classic safari vehicles to overland trucks and converted school buses in North America, our purpose-built vehicles have been designed for tough conditions. The vehicles all come with seatbelts and are designed to be self-sufficient. Everything you need for your adventure is included, right down to the folding chairs for your campsite. 

Overland conditions are extremely tough on vehicles. While we fastidiously maintain our vehicles, you should not expect your overland destination to be your traditional touring experience. While it's certainly our aim to avoid them, it's important to realise that the occasional breakdown can happen and are best treated as part of the adventure. Due to wet weather, there may be times when we have to take an alternative route, which will mean longer travel times.

All our trips are generally run by two western trip leaders who are passionate about travelling and will ensure your trip is both enjoyable and safe. Your leader will provide practical information about the places you’re travelling through and offer suggestions for things to see and do.

While not being guides in the traditional sense, you can expect them to have a general knowledge of the places you visit. And to ensure you get the best in local knowledge, we also employ local guides at sites of interest along the way. In addition, on many of our Africa and Asia trips, we have a third local crew. It is also good to keep in mind that our crew have to spend time driving and maintaining the overland truck.

There’s nothing quite like eating around a camp fire, especially under a star-filled sky. Meals while camping are tasty yet simple: from traditional barbecues, pasta, roasted cobs of corn and potato, fresh fish in certain places, stews and various other hearty meals. In most cases, dietary restrictions can be catered for, but please let us know of your requirements at the time of booking so we can organise it in advance.

When camping you’ll be divided into smaller groups of 3 to 4 people and take it in turns to plan a meal, shop for ingredients in local markets or supermarkets and cook for the whole group. Cooking groups are responsible for cleaning communal equipment, but you’re responsible for washing your own utensils. When staying in hotels and hostel, you will be eating locally prepared food.

You’ll be part of a group of up to 22 people of all ages and nationalities, all who share a passion for travel.

Our trucks are designed to take us around the world and into areas that the usual buses or coaches can’t go. The truck will be your travelling home and, in most cases, have roof seats and opening windows to keep you in touch with the countries you’re travelling in. But be aware that because they are expedition vehicles, there is no air-conditioning, no curtains, limited heating, high steps and the ride will be bumpy at times.

The kitty is a group fund and forms part of the total cost of your trip. It is an amount that is paid on the ground when the trip starts and put into a central pool that is monitored by the Dragoman crew. It is used by the trip leader to fund accommodation, meals while camping and activities that the group take part in as a whole (that are listed as included in the itinerary). The kitty price is constantly updated throughout the year due to fluctuations in exchange rates and variation in local costs. It is important you check the most recent estimate on the website shortly before departure to ensure that you take the correct amount.

Our itineraries are based on our intentions, but travel in more remote parts of the world is unpredictable – borders can close, there can be extreme adverse weather, strikes or maybe mechanical issues that affect the running of your trip. But, on the flip side, we can often spontaneously include a local festival, additional time at a beach (a popular group request) or a detour to a local school into the itinerary.

You have to be reasonably fit to fully participate in one of our trips, as they do require some level of active participation. To make sure you choose a trip that meets your fitness level, please look carefully at the physical rating on our website. Also check with your doctor to see if any pre-existing medical conditions or medication you are taking will affect your ability to fully participate in the trip.

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