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USD $14,795
CAD $19,645
AUD $20,620
EUR €13,430
GBP £9,940
NZD $22,620
ZAR R193,875
CHF FR14,910
Embark on a cruise across the Antarctic Circle and visit the Falklands, South Shetland Islands, and the Antarctic...
USD $19,995
CAD $26,485
AUD $27,800
EUR €18,200
GBP £13,400
NZD $30,495
ZAR R261,380
CHF FR20,105
Travel to the ends of the earth to witness the dramatic beauty of the Antarctic Peninsula and discover the...
USD $28,745
CAD $39,670
AUD $38,900
EUR €25,800
GBP £19,600
NZD $43,320
ZAR R389,380
CHF FR32,405
Take the ultimate expedition and voyage to the North Pole. Stand on top of the world at 90° north and feel the rush...
USD $25,145
CAD $32,120
AUD $32,935
EUR €23,745
GBP £17,000
NZD $34,165
ZAR R311,390
CHF FR25,290
Make like the Arctic explorers of old and join an expedition that could make history by going where no passenger ship...
USD $18,995
CAD $26,205
AUD $25,695
EUR €17,095
GBP £12,995
NZD $28,615
ZAR R257,200
CHF FR21,405
Travel on this intimate journey from Longyearbyen to the remote Barneo Ice Camp, constructed each year in the North...

Articles on Arctic

Total eclipse of the heart: one traveller’s astronomy quest in Svalbard

Posted on Wed, 9 Sep 2015

First contact saw a massive cheer erupt and the special eclipse viewers we’d been given were out in force.

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Ask The Experts: The Planet D’s guide to Polar travel (Q&A)

Posted on Thu, 26 Mar 2015

Deb and Dave, collectively known as The Planet D, are kind of a big deal in the travel blogging circuit. They’ve been to over 100 countries on all seven continents […]

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Raising our voices for the Arctic

Posted on Thu, 5 Jun 2014

There is never a better day, than today, to speak out and take action to protect our precious planet. For World Environment Day 2014, the theme is ‘Raise your voice […]

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Arctic night in London with Steve Davey

Posted on Thu, 6 Mar 2014

Join renowned travel photographer and author Steve Davey for an exclusive talk on Photographing in Arctic and other extreme conditions. See beautiful examples of Steve’s work while he discusses the […]

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