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For the past 25 years, we’ve been taking small groups of travellers on unforgettable trips around the world.


What makes them unforgettable? We asked our friends at Perennial Plate to encapsulate what the Intrepid experience feels like, and we think they nailed it. Take a look for yourself and discover where our adventures could take you.

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New tours for 2015

Philippines Island Getaway

8 days, Puerto Princesa round trip
From the white beaches of El Nido to nightime fireflies in Puerto Princesa, Palawan is our new favourite paradise. 

Classic Korea

10 days, Seoul round trip

Find heart and Seoul in the neon cities, mist-cloaked mountains and Buddhist temples of this often overlooked gem. 

Northern Brazil

14 days, from Rio to Fortaleza

Leave Rio far behind on a journey jam-packed with dazzling beaches, old diamond towns and cool coastal dunes. 

Cote d'Azur Sailing Adventure

8 days, from Marseille to Nice.  

Sail in style from Marseille to Nice along the French Riviera, with glitzy stops at Cannes and St Tropez. Ooh la la.


El Salvador & Honduras Discovery

9 days, Antigua to Roatan Island
Baroque charm, Copan ruins, spectacular mountain passes and the reefs of Roatan Island - this is Central America at its best. 

Burma to Thailand

14 days, from Yangon to Bangkok
Trace the story of the Burma Railway overland through the jungles and river valleys between Yangon to Bangkok.


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6 easy tips for your Nepal trek

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What our travellers have to say...

When you wake up on the morning of departure not wanting to go home and a few tears well up in your eyes as you fly out over the city, that means conclusively that it was a fabulous experience, and a never to be forgotten tour.

Veronica Forsayeth

Quite honestly the holiday of a lifetime. I can't believe I loved the camping, the cooking and the showers block without electricity. All credit and thanks to Bryce and Tshepo for making the trip fun and memorable and making everyone feel like old friends.

Marie Newcombe

This is the first time I did a group trip. I am a big independent adventure traveller, but I would not have been able to do many of the experiences that we did on my own or in such an efficient manner. It was nice that I can spend as much or as little time with the group.

Greg Kaufman

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For travellers on a budget, our Basix trips keep inclusions to a minimum. They’re about value and lots of free time to choose the activities and extras that you want to do. Find out more


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Designed for those who want more inclusions, our Comfort trips offer a higher standard of accommodation, larger, roomier vehicles and more included activities. Find out more