Reject neocolonialism

At Intrepid Travel, we will:

  • Respect communities by removing and excluding any imagery and language that objectifies or commodifies residents, Indigenous people and local people.
  • Adopt Indigenous copy guidelines across our global markets.
  • Require mandatory inclusivity training for all marketers to help further decolonise travel.
  • Reject projecting a saviour complex and promote travel in a way that fairly portrays and empowers communities.

How we’ll do it

  • Use intentional language to talk about destinations, such as removing the word ‘colonial’ as a positive descriptor.
  • Review our photo libraries to ensure imagery does not portray colonial tendencies and gives agency to the subjects.
  • Tell stories that do not exoticise or homogenise the local people and are told through a balanced lens.

How we’ll measure it

  • 100% of internal image library assets do not portray neo-colonialism (no portrayal of saviorism, photo subjects have sense of agency, etc.)
  • 100% removal of the word “colonial” as a positive adjective and descriptor in trips, blogs and social captions
  • 20% of first-person social media stories told through the community or host lens (not the traveller’s lens)