Adventure Doesn't Need to Cost The Earth

As a responsible travel company, we try our best to face up to the environmental impacts of travel: aviation is a significant contributor to the carbon levels in our atmosphere, yet catching a flight is often unavoidable; single-use plastic is a catastrophic polluter of oceans and landfill, yet bottled water is seen as a convenient option where there is limited access to clean drinking water; over-tourism is fast becoming the biggest threat to the integrity of the destinations we visit. 

So what’s the answer? Should we all stop travelling and just stay home? It’s a question we have taken seriously over the past thirty years since we set out to create a low-impact travel company that benefits the people and communities we visit.  

That’s why we have built our business around low-impact, sustainable and responsible travel – it's at the core of everything we do.

Joining the B Corp Movement

To hold ourselves accountable to our sustainability goals, and to ensure we remain a responsible business long into the future, we have joined the B Corp movement, becoming the largest B Corp certified business in the travel industry, globally. We decided to go through the certification process as a way of highlighting the areas we need to improve, and to commit ourselves to higher standards as we strive to be better. We hope that others in the industry will follow in our footsteps, and we can continue to grow the movement for sustainable, responsible travel around the world.


All Intrepid trips are low impact, but here are a few ideas to help you to
Be Sustainable with Intrepid Travel


Vietnam Discovery Trip Map 2019_TVRN

Vietnam Discovery

Visit the remote Cat Ba Island and help lessen the pressure on World Heritage listed Halong Bay on this low-impact, alternative Vietnam itinerary.

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Inca Quarry Trail Trip Map 2019_GGHK

Inca Quarry Trail

For a less crowded alternative to the Inca Trail, enjoy this trek along the Quarry Trail to enjoy stunning Inca ruins and help ease the foot-traffic to Machu Picchu.

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Iceland Discovery Trip Map 2019_BMSI

Iceland Discovery

Stay in environmentally sustainable and responsible accommodation, and take part in a tree-planting initiative to help rejuvenate the once abundant forests of Iceland.

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Tamang & Langtang Valley Trek Map 2019_HNXV

Tamang & Langtang

Escape the typical tourist trail and experience this unique trek into the Tamang and Langtang valley, where you'll be one of the lucky few exploring this remote part of Nepal.

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