For some, being Intrepid means crashing through the jungle in search of gorillas. For others, it’s trying street food for the first time, or bunking down on an overnight train with a dozen snoring strangers.

Whatever form it takes, Intrepid is an attitude – a willingness to take yourself far from the comforts of home, embrace difference and open yourself up to new cultures and experiences. To be curious, challenged, fearless, alive.  

At Intrepid, that’s what we live for. Our travellers choose to see the world in a way that builds human connection, supports local communities, respects the environment and draws us all a bit closer together.

Because now more than ever, the world needs more Intrepid people.




Mandi’s home state of Texas couldn’t be more different to the icy waters and sparkling glaciers of Antarctica. Before undertaking a voyage to the highest, driest and most remote continent on earth, Mandi had never even been on a ship. She didn’t know if she would feel seasick, or how she’d cope with the cold. Her friends back home thought that traveling to Antarctica alone was weird, but Mandi quickly found that by putting herself out there, she didn’t feel like she was by herself at all.

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Stacy grew up in a small town, so traveling always felt out of reach for her. But when she became a world history teacher, she decided that she wanted to experience the world for herself. So she decided to explore Egypt with Intrepid Travel. With a local leader to guide her to all the places she’d read about (as well as off-the-beaten-path places she’d never heard of) and a group of people to share the experience with, Stacy was able to gain first-hand knowledge about the world and bring that back home to her students.

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Lola at the market in Samarkand


As a Nigerian-born travel photographer based in Sweden, Lola has sometimes felt like her voice as an African has been disregarded. So, when she travels, she tries to approach everyone with an open mind and listen to their stories. On a small group tour visiting some of the most remote areas of Uzbekistan – a place that isn’t commonly frequented by travellers of African heritage – Lola looks to build human connections with the locals wherever she can.

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Dave always wanted to travel beyond his hometown in Minnesota but wasn’t sure how. With the help of an Intrepid local leader and a group of like-minded travelers from around the world, Dave discovered new places, foods and cultures. From a bucket-list camel ride beside the Pyramids, to laughing alongside locals at a homestay in Aswan, Dave opened himself up to new experiences and did things he never thought possible.

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Like any girl growing up in Virginia, USA, Angel’s childhood was peppered with summer vacations to the beach. It didn’t matter that she couldn’t swim, besides, deep water scared her. Now as a grown up she’s travelled the world, but it was her first visit to the Galapagos Islands that really made her nervous. Angel realised to get up close to the amazing wildlife, she’d need to overcome her fear and learn to swim.

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Growing up with Sri Lankan parents, Denver assumed he’d be well prepared for the sensory onslaught of the Indian food scene. But it turns out he had a lot to learn; both from the flavours and from the people. Much like any trip to the subcontinent, Denver’s was one of self-discovery. It wasn’t until he’d broken countless naan breads around a shared dinner table did he begin to understand the intricacies of everyday India.

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Ari and Tayla

As seasoned adventurers, it takes something unique to really rattle Ari and Tayla. Like the guttural growl of rare mountain gorillas hiding just out of sight, or the gaze of a silverback staring you down. But what starts as a hair-raising experience quickly becomes moving, as the two friends realise we have a closer connection with these vine-jumping, playful primates than we think.

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Much of what Lorena thought she knew about Iran came from news headlines painting the Middle East as a singular, unwelcoming place. But it turns out you shouldn’t believe everything you read. It was only when Lorena visited Iran for herself, experienced the depth of its culture and hospitality of its people, did she really start to scratch the surface and understand just what this country had to offer.

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Courage isn’t the absence of fear, it’s action despite the presence of fear. For Lauren this meant setting off on an expedition to Patagonia on her own – without the comfort of knowing what to expect on the road. Shedding her doubts, she found new friends on an experience she’ll never forget.

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As an actress, Bec’s life was a treadmill of auditions, classes and shows – who has time to travel with so much on the go? After hitting the pause button and booking a ticket to Vietnam, Bec discovered a spontaneousness and openness that can only come with the manic rush of Hanoi.

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For Mark, international travel meant seeing the sights from his bus while touring with his band. The biggest challenge was finding something that would excite him mentally and physically after so many hours in airport lounges. That’s exactly what he got with Intrepid Travel.

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Adventurer and dedicated yogi, Amy’s big personality and infectious laugh means she’s never far from making new friends. Not one to back down from a dare, Amy dived head on into Vietnam’s culture and cuisine and learned that sometimes curiosity can be its own reward.

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