By joining us on this challenge to Africa’s highest peak, you will be committing to fundraise for an important early education project in Uganda. With the full support of Intrepid’s SAMA team, you will have until the Tuesday 10th June (Kili Climb 1) and Tuesday 8th July (Kili Climb 2) to reach a modest fundraising target of AUD 1,500. We also provide you with a fundraising toolkit and will be on hand to assist you with your fundraising ideas and plans.

The AUD 1,500 you fundraise will go to supporting an early education project in Uganda that aims to:

  • assist early learning programs in 18 villages for children aged 4–6
  • train 30 early learning caregivers and teachers
  • establish 18 new parenting groups
  • promote equality between girls and boys in an educational setting
  • ensure parental attitudes and practices are supportive of both girls and boys
  • provide academic support for students in Grades 1–3 through establishing after school clubs

Research proves that children who participate in early education projects are:

  • more likely to enrol in primary school
  • less likely to repeat grades or to drop out of school
  • begin school at the right age and complete the primary schooling cycle

See more about our Uganda project here