Intrepid Comfort trips - explore travel's softer side.

While some travellers get a real kick out of using local transport and forsaking a few home luxuries while on the road, others prefer their journey with some added inclusions and creature comforts. And that’s why we created our Comfort trips.

Other travel styles include Basix and Original.

What is 'comfort' style travel?

'Comfort travel’ means encountering all that the real world has to offer, but with an added degree of, well… comfort. The transport we use is more spacious, the travel pace more relaxed, the accommodation a touch classier. And by paying more up front, you’ll be treated to more included meals, more leader-led activities and get a greater immersion in all things local. 

By smoothing away some of adventure travel’s rougher edges, we’ve managed to craft a style of travel that minimises the occasional discomforts without sacrificing any of the thrills. We like to think of our comfort range as offering the same real life experiences that our whole ethos is founded upon – just with a softer landing.

Intrepid Comfort trips are operated in conjunction with our sister company – Peregrine Adventures. With over 36 years experience in the adventure travel industry, Peregrine shares our philosophy of small group, responsible travel that benefits local communities and provides a more immersive experience for you. 

Your leader 

Where our Basix and Original-style trips feature loads of free time and optional activities, our Comfort-style trips follow a more structured itinerary and feature more included activities. This leaves you to reap the benefits of more time in the company of a local leader – and their local knowledge. 


Comfort accommodation


Safari Lodge in Tarangire National Park – Whoever said you have to rough it in the wilds? Wine, dine and recline in style, right in the centre of one of Tanzania’s most prized national parks.

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Indian Heritage Property – Become acquainted with the India of old on overnight stays in quaint and charming heritage properties; a welcome refuge in a country renowned for its intensity.

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French Chateau – Take in enchanting views across the Burgundy countryside from the comfort of an elegant 17th-century chateau, complete with eight hectares of preserved parklands.

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North America

Alaskan Lodge - Cosy down in rustic seclusion amid roasting log fires, warm woolen blankets and hearty meals in the natural beauty of the haunting Alaskan woodlands.

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Latin America

Costa Rican Jungle Lodge – Get back to nature in style at a jungle escape that will see you bedding down in a palm-thatched bungalow offering 360-degree views of the surrounding rainforest.

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Middle East

Jordan Desert Camp - Be treated to a night of traditional Bedouin hospitality and unrivalled stargazing on an overnight stay in the immense desert landscape of Wadi Rum.

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Comfort transport

While we usually use spacious private vehicles on our Comfort trips, we do seek out unique modes of transport where available. So here are a few of the more interesting modes you may find yourself travelling on:

Traghetto in Italy – Experience Venice’s atmospheric canals and landmark architecture the best way how – from the backseat of a traghetto.

Houseboat in the Okavango Delta – Hop aboard a houseboat for two days of winding, and unwinding, through Botswana’s wildlife-rich waterways.

Ferry in the USA – See the breathtaking scenery of Alaska and Canada's Maritimes from the water.

Shinkansen in Japan – Speed through Japan’s serene landscapes and mega metropolises by bullet train – high-velocity travel has rarely been so classy.

Flights in Argentina – Trade the bitumen for the tarmac and make the most of your time in Argentina by taking to the air for longer distance travel.

Nile Felucca Cruise – Watch local life unfold on the banks of the world’s most famous river – all from the comfort of your own private felucca.

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