Top highlights of Antarctica

  • Travel through the Antarctic Sound, better known as 'Iceberg Alley’
  • Visit the spectacular volcanic South Shetland Islands
  • Island hop between South Georgia and the Falkland Islands
  • Retrace the path of the early explorers
  • Visit the remote Deception Island
  • Search out colonies of king penguins
  • Attempt the celebrated Polar Circle crossing
  • Keep an eye out for whales while cruising the Southern Ocean
  • Spot the elusive snow petrel
  • Cross the treacherous Drake Passage
  • Experience Antarctica's turquoise waters and pink night skies

Travel to Antarctica with Intrepid

Antarctica is the coldest, windiest, highest (on average) and driest continent on earth

Wild and windswept yet far from being a wasteland, Antarctica’s sheets of white are an alluring blend of everything and nothingness. With few human inhabitants and wildlife unperturbed by human contact, visitors to Antarctica often feel like ghosts drifting across the Southern Ocean to a land that has no need for the vestiges of human civilisation. Nevertheless, Antarctica’s tale of exploration is a worthy one, and no visit is complete without contemplating the heroics of Shackleton and a visit to his South Georgia resting place. An olive branch of international cooperation, Antarctica’s legacy is one of enduring natural beauty and renewed scientific importance. Whether exploring a deserted whaling station or floating through a glacier-lined channel, it is impossible to forget the sheer size and significance of this icy terrain. Requiring a long and often testing journey to reach, it is often said that Antarctica has to be ‘earned’. The reward, however, is unmatched.

Destinations in Antarctica