Your chance to win a trip to challenge your mind, body, senses or adventurous side

Set yourself a challenge, win yourself an adventure.

How are you seeking to challenge yourself this year? Are you looking to learn a new language? To run a marathon? To finish that dog-eared version of War and Peace beside your bed? Whatever it is, we want to know how you aim to thrill your senses, push your body, expand your mind. And hey, if we like it we might even reward you with a free adventure.

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Challenge your adventurous side

See the top 5 in Africa, dive with sharks in the Galapagos, go zip lining in the cloud forests of Costa Rica or experience China like the crowds don't:

Window wallet

Road to Zanzibar
14 days

Window wallet

Active Galapagos
10 days

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Tiger Leaping Gorge
13 days

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Classic Costa Rica
15 days

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Tibet Unplugged
15 days

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Delhi to Kathmandu
15 days


Challenge your senses

We love travel for the tastes, the smells, the sights and the sounds. Dance the salsa in Cuba, see the bright lights of Times Square, attend a gig in New Orleans:



Challenge your body

Challenge your body whichever way you choose - cycle, hike in snowy peaks, trek to Machu Picchu:



Challenge your mind

Challenge your mind by visiting the museums of Europe, learning the tragic history of Pol Pot's Cambodia, taking in the ancient sites of the Middle East or communicating in Russia where English isn't widely spoken: