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After years in the shadow of some of Europe’s big-name destination, Croatia is fast becoming the hottest spot in the region for travellers looking for the classic culture, traditional architecture and the clear footprint of history, and warm Mediterranean seas to swim in – all at a more accessible price than some of its neighbours. This is a diverse history that bears the scars of relatively recent struggles, but since independence, Croatia has evolved into one of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations thanks to its resilient, open and friendly people, traditional and welcoming culture and dramatic coastline and beautiful beaches.

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Thinking of a holiday in Croatia but not sure what to expect? Read through some of our past passenger reviews below. They’ve taken the time to give their honest feedback about their holiday in Croatia to help you decide if a similar trip is right for you.

Our Croatia trips score an average of 4.75 out of 5 based on 455 reviews in the last year.

Balkan Adventure , September 2016

Barbara Smith

Balkan Adventure , September 2016

Elva Graham

Balkan Adventure , September 2016

Lynda and Brian Daley

Balkan Adventure , August 2016

Lynton Oaten

Balkan Adventure , September 2016

Karlyanne Sherman

Explore Croatia , August 2016

Hsiao-tseh Chao

Croatia & Slovenia , September 2016

Chrystal James

Croatia Sailing Adventure - Split to Dubrovnik , August 2016

Jayde Nicholson

Explore Croatia , September 2016

John Churchett

Dubrovnik to Venice , September 2016

Rebecca Sutton

Explore Croatia , September 2016

Stuart Ringland

Croatia Sailing Adventure - Split to Dubrovnik , August 2016

Kimberley Guenther


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