The big daddy of them all, the world’s highest peak and the tallest order on many a bucket list: Mt Everest. Of course you don’t need to reach the summit of this iconic mountain and lose a toe to experience the essence of a real Himalayan adventure. We have a variety of routes through the high passes, flame-red rhododendron forests and stunning alpine lakes that can accommodate any level of experience. Each of our treks is tailored to minimise fatigue and altitude sickness, so you can let your feet do the talking and just enjoy the jaw-dropping mountain scenery. 

Namaste Nepal - The Trails are open

Best time to visit

The favourite times for trekking around Everest are pre and post monsoon season: September to November and March to April. Early year departures around March and April also get to enjoy the blushing red rhododendron blossoms that carpet the valleys around the Annapurna Range. The winter months of December and January are obviously winter months, and heavy snows can add another exciting challenge for the hardier trekkers.

Life on the trek

The Himalayas are a tough enough opponent, so it’s our priority to make sure you trek is as safe, secure and comfortable as possible. Porters are on hand to help set up camp and carry your bags, and we take care of your permits and internal flights. Accommodation takes the form of local teahouses and lodges, which are comfortable but simple. Most meals are not included on our Everest treks, but there are plenty of opportunities to sample the local cuisine along the way.

Different Routes

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