Expedition trips: Brand new off-map adventures

The word ‘adventure’ gets thrown around a lot these days. But the way we see it, there are adventures, and there are Adventures. The kind where you visit a Russian shuttle launch in Kazakhstan or run a marathon over the Great Wall of China. Stuff you don’t find in your typical travel brochure. For us, adventures like this are at the heart of what it means to be Intrepid: something original, unexpected, and as far from ‘the usual’ as you’re going to get.

This year we’ve pulled out all the stops. We’ve turned the world upside down and shaken it until all the cool stuff falls out: stuff like a groundbreaking itinerary in the republic of Transnistria (it’s in Eastern Moldova), searching for snow leopards in Ladakh, white water rafting in Bhutan and camping with Nenets people in the Russian arctic

Welcome to our exclusive Expedition trips for 2016 & 2017. Wave goodbye to that beaten path.

Brand new Expeditions

USD $3,360
CAD $4,190
AUD $4,425
EUR €2,875
GBP £2,255
NZD $4,755
ZAR R50,780
CHF FR3,180
Veer off the beaten track in Kazakhstan. Watch a rocket launch in Baikonur, visit the Aral Sea and discover the...
USD $990
CAD $1,195
AUD $1,265
EUR €790
GBP £645
NZD $1,355
ZAR R14,495
Explore Tamang villages of Briddim and Gatlang, experience an overnight homestay and walk the sacred Tamang Heritage...
Hike to Ardoukoba Volcano, see whale sharks, join a nomad camel trek to Lake Assal and sleep under the stars on this...
USD $1,615
CAD $1,895
AUD $1,990
EUR €1,340
GBP £1,030
NZD $2,185
ZAR R18,705
CHF FR1,370
Get set for a marathon race along the famous Great Wall of China, explore old-meets-new Beijing, experience the...
USD $5,690
CAD $6,665
AUD $6,995
EUR €4,940
GBP £3,625
NZD $7,670
ZAR R65,770
CHF FR5,060
Embark on an adrenaline-filled journey through one of the world's most reclusive nations. See the sights of Thimphu...
USD $3,000
CAD $3,510
AUD $3,685
EUR €2,605
GBP £1,910
NZD $4,040
ZAR R34,645
CHF FR2,665
Travel to the end of the earth with one of the world’s last remaining nomadic tribes, the Nenets, from St Petersburg...
USD $3,365
CAD $3,940
AUD $4,135
EUR €2,920
GBP £2,145
NZD $4,535
ZAR R38,880
CHF FR2,990
Venture into the northwestern hills of Myanmar and witness the traditional new year celebrations of the Naga hilltribes
USD $2,455
CAD $2,981
AUD $3,147
EUR €2,042
GBP £1,608
NZD $3,384
ZAR R36,107
CHF FR2,264
Visit wineries, monasteries and Soviet breakaway republics in Moldova, and explore Bucharest, the Danube Delta, Kiev...
Experience authentic nomadic culture as you join a traditional Berber family migrating north – on foot – through...
USD $6,180
CAD $7,235
AUD $7,595
EUR €5,365
GBP £3,940
NZD $8,330
ZAR R71,410
CHF FR5,490
Travel from New Delhi into the mountains of Ladakh – travelling through Leh and the Uley Valley – in search of snow...
USD $4,235
CAD $5,130
AUD $5,420
EUR €3,520
GBP £2,775
NZD $5,825
ZAR R62,195
CHF FR3,895
Runners and non-runners alike will have plenty to do on this North Korea trip. Begin and end in Beijing, sightsee...

What could you see?

Returning favourites

We launched Expedition trips for the first time in 2015, and they were a raging success. So we decided to bring a few of the favourites back: an adventure through the meadows and monasteries of Kosovo, an Indiana Jones-style quest through the Mexican jungle and a trip to Georgia’s remote (and spectacular) Svaneti region. Book quick – these fill up fast.

USD $2,280
CAD $2,765
AUD $2,920
EUR €1,895
GBP £1,495
NZD $3,140
ZAR R33,490
CHF FR2,095
Our exclusive, one-off exploratory tour from Tirana combines little-known Balkan highlights with the most beautiful...

Exploratory sailing trips

Sailors have been going on intrepid expeditions for hundreds of years. And just because we’ve done away with the scurvy and sea battles, it doesn’t mean we can’t chase some horizons of our own. This year you can go whale watching off the coast of Tonga, explore Cambodia’s tiny island chains and set sail through the Dry Tortugas. All aboard.

Embark on an Intrepid Sailing expedition through the Florida Keys with stop-offs at Key West, Key Largo, and the...
USD $1,875
CAD $2,282
AUD $2,409
EUR €1,565
GBP £1,227
NZD $2,588
ZAR R27,648
CHF FR1,729
Visit Dry Tortugas National Park and the uninhabited Marquesas Islands on this unique sailing expedition through the...
USD $3,315
CAD $3,880
AUD $4,075
EUR €2,775
GBP £2,110
NZD $4,470
ZAR R38,315
CHF FR2,945
Beginning in Phuket, sail around Burma's Myeik (Mergui) Archipelago in the Andaman Sea and discover an untouched...

Traveller reviews

Our Product trips score an average of 5 out of 5 based on 11 reviews in the last year.

Expedition - Kosovo, Albania & Macedonia , June 2016

Betty Harris

Expedition - Kosovo, Albania & Macedonia , June 2016

Walter Adriaanse

Expedition - Kosovo, Albania & Macedonia , July 2016

Karen Lee

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