Add trips to your Shortlist by selecting the ‘Add trip to my Shortlist’ button. This button is located on all trips and search results pages.
When you add trips to your Shortlist the 'Add to Shortlist' text will turn grey and the trips will appear in a Shortlist box on the right-hand side of the page.
You can have as many trips as you like in your Shortlist. You can delete items from your Shortlist by clicking the red circle with 'x'.




Once you have added trips to your Shortlist you can compare them. Click the ‘Compare trips’ link - this will take you to the Shortlist page showing the trips you have selected.
Select the trips you wish to compare by ticking and unticking the boxes – you will get a side-by-side comparison of your trips based on different trip elements (customer feedback, duration, countries visited, style, activities, etc.)
You can compare up to 4 trips.