Kenya is the Africa of childhood imagination – big cats, sprawling savannah, elephants, rhino and lone acacia trees. And a holiday in Kenya will deliver on all fronts if you’re looking for an adventure in the heart of Africa. From the thronging streets of Nairobi to the ancient traditions of the Maasai, experience the ultimate in everything Africa has to offer. 

Top reviews on Kenya holidays

Kenya has a great deal to offer travellers, and our passenger feedback below highlights some of the best experiences our Kenya trips have to offer. Read through the top reviews below to get an idea of what it’s actually like to travel to Kenya with Intrepid.


Kenya to Vic Falls, April 2017

Sarah Bagshaw

Road to Zanzibar, April 2017

Louise Etherton

Kenya Wildlife Safari, May 2017

Brent Telesford

Road to Zanzibar, April 2017

Taylah Howes

Road to Zanzibar, March 2017

Lynn Horgan

Road to Zanzibar, March 2017

Natalie Beal

Road to Zanzibar, January 2017

Stefan Geißler

Road to Zanzibar, March 2017

Lee Ricketts

Road to Zanzibar, March 2017

Daniel Begley

Zanzibar to Cape Town, December 2016

Sally Martin

Road to Zanzibar, January 2017

Christine Raissis

Kenya Wildlife Safari, February 2017

Sara Love


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