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If you think a holiday in Brazil sounds like paradise, you’d probably be right. This South American beauty is all about the good times, and with the world’s biggest celebration every year at Carnaval, who can blame them? But don’t be fooled by the pulsating samba beats: a holiday in Brazil is more than just a two-step with a sultry Latino – Brazil is home to one of the most diverse ecosystems on earth, including the Pantanal wetlands and the Amazon Rainforest, and its northern beaches and national parks provide travellers with some of the South America’s most jaw-dropping vistas.

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It doesn’t take much to convince travellers to head to this South American powerhouse, but if you want to hear some of our passengers tell you exactly what it’s like to experience and Intrepid trip in Brazil, read through our top reviews below.

Our Brazil trips score an average of 4.09 out of 5 based on 43 reviews in the last year.

Buenos Aires to Rio , September 2016

Mavis Burridge

Northern Brazil , June 2016

Warwick Moore

Northern Brazil , July 2016

Louisa Helene Stefanou

Rio de Janeiro Stopover , March 2016

Katherine Maywood

Northern Brazil , March 2016

Mary Carroll

Buenos Aires to Rio , January 2016

Norma Schafer

Buenos Aires to Rio , January 2016

Hock Lim

Best of Brazil & Argentina , December 2015

Ruth Jones

Classic Brazil , December 2015

Felicitas Reichmann

Northern Brazil , November 2015

Shane Pritchard

Northern Brazil , November 2015

Petra Hurschler

Classic Brazil , October 2015

Alan Self

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