THOMASINA MIERS: Chef, food writer, restaurateur

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Earthy, inspiring and globally recognised as an aficionado of Mexican cuisine, UK chef and serial restaurateur Thomasina Miers is passionate about bringing the flavours of Mexico’s markets to your plate.

Thomasina is Executive Chef of Wahaca Restaurants, which have taken London by storm with their fresh dishes inspired by the food markets of Mexico, and who use free-range meat and sustainable fish and recycle everything down to their food waste.

Tommi has also presented various cookery shows on television and radio, including A Cook’s Tour of Spain, Wild Gourmets, Mexican Food Made Simple and The Kitchen Cabinet. She is the author of five books, her latest book being Wahaca – Mexican Food at Home (Hodder & Stoughton). Her next delicious book focuses on chillies and will be published May 2014.

“Each state, each region [of Mexico] has its own specialties; discovering them and falling in love with the different dishes is part of the joy of travelling through Mexico.”