The accommodation you stay in depends on the style of Overland adventure you choose. Often you’ll be camping out in the wild, but on some adventures you may stay in hotels or lodges. 

When camping, you’ll sometimes stay at official campsites and make use of the facilities, while other times you’ll pitch your tent in the bush, experiencing the beauty of a region up close. Our tents are generous on space, as they are slightly larger than the average two-person tent, and come with built in mosquito screens. All you need to bring is your sleeping bag and a travel pillow; though check the trip notes for more details on what to pack for the adventure ahead. 

Facilities at campsites can differ and on occasion you might even have access to a pool to cool down from the day’s heat. Other times, facilities are basic or non-existent, so you’ll need to be prepared to rough it for a bit. But many of our passengers agree – one of the highlights of overlanding is wild camping in remote areas, which allows us to get far from the tourist crowds and to see some beautiful, secluded spots.

Our Overland trips are designed for multi-share accommodation, whether camping or staying in hotels, and so don’t have a single supplement. For those travelling solo, you’ll share with someone of the same gender. Your trip notes give you details of how much of your trip is spent camping, in hostels or hotels, and upgrades are often possible at campsites and in towns.