Trinxat. Mashed potatoes topped with slow cooked cabbage and topped with a fried egg.

Baby chickpeas and squid siphons. It’s a dry stew that melts in you mouth with the nutty earthy taste of the tiny chickpeas and the amazing texture and sea taste of the squid siphones.

Coca de cristal (a type of bread) with tomato. The grow a special variety of tomato here, which are hung to dry a little in long, braded stands and the tomatoes themselves are about double the size of a cherry tomato. They are simply cut in half and rubbed over the coca then drizzled with a little olive oil.

Cachots amb romesco. It’s a leek looking onion with sauce that has, among other things, almonds, garlic and noras (a smoky dried red pepper).

Suquet. A delicious rock fish soup