Working in Vietnam with the most vulnerable children, Blue Dragon Children's Foundation supports street kids, children with disabilities, the rural poor, and victims of trafficking. 

Blue Dragon runs a number of programs that combat human trafficking. Their programs aim to rescue girls and boys from slavery in garment factories, as well as girls and women who have been trafficked for sex. Most of these girls have been trafficked across the border to China and sold to brothels, although they sometimes rescue girls within Vietnam and also rescue girls sold as brides. 

In addition to these rescue programs, Blue Dragon also focus on trafficking prevention through:

  • Community education 
  • Repatriation to families and support to resume a normal life
  • Prosecution of traffickers
  • Trauma therapy and counselling as part of the rehabilitation process.

Blue Dragon also helps to keep children in school and off the streets through an education sponsorship program they run in rural Vietnam. Girls are at a much higher risk of dropping out of school due to family poverty, so the majority of the students sponsored are girls. The support provided to girls to graduate from high school and move to tertiary education is a key factor to help girls break out of the poverty cycle.

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