There is a later version of this trip also available for travel from Jan 1, 2015 to Dec 31, 2015. View later El Chalten Trekking.

Day 1 El Calafate

Welcome to the bustling town of El Calafate. Usually fairly busy with tourists, there are plenty of things here to enjoy before the trekking begins. The main drag, Av Libertador, is peppered with cafes and restaurants and provides a good spot to watch the world go by until meeting fellow trekkers in the evening.
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Day 2 Perito Moreno Glacier/El Chalten

Today, the main event – a day tour of the spectacular Perito Moreno Glacier. Sitting some 70 metres tall and around five kilometres wide, this is one jaw-droppingly enormous slab of ice. The highlight of the southern region of Los Glaciares National Park, the glacier is one of only three in Patagonia that are not retreating and one of 48 fed by the Southern Patagonian Ice Field. Observe the power of nature from the safety of a catwalk as the glacier creaks and groans and mammoth chunks of ice break and crash into the water below. It’s also an option to take a short boat trip out onto the lake to get up-close and personal with this overshadowing wall of ice.Return to El Calafate in an travel to El Chalten where your trekking adventure begins.
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Days 3-5 El Chalten

Journey to El Chalten, the trekking capital of Argentina and the star of this South American adventure. With the snow-capped magnificence of the Fitz Roy Range nearby, keen trekkers flock to the area to make the most of the spectacular mountain scenery and the world-class hiking and camping. The first of two hikes, Laguna de Los Tres is the most famous trek due to its proximity to Mt Fitz Roy. Trekking from El Chalten in a fairly straight path, take in spectacular views of the lagoon and De los Tres Glacier; this trek is the quintessential excursion into this area and a perfect way to spend the day. Led by an experienced local tour guide, there is no better way to learn about local wild and plant life and the history of the surrounding mountains. The Laguna Los Torres also offers incredible scenery and rewarding trekking - and there’s ample opportunity to be awestruck by the sheer might of the jagged Mt Fitz Roy. Travel back to El Calafate for some well-deserved downtime before the trip comes to an end.
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Day 6 El Calafate (departure day)

Rest weary feet or wander around El Calafate in search of some tasty local treats.