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Travel company cancels more Bangkok tours

Small group adventure company, Intrepid Travel has increased the number of trips it has cancelled following ongoing violence in Bangkok. 
The decision comes as governments around the world increase their travel warnings for travel to Bangkok, confirming the concern of Intrepid Travel's Bangkok office - that travel in the city is too unsafe.
As an Australian company, Intrepid Travel automatically cancels trips when the Government increases its advice to 'Do not travel'. The Australian Government increased its warning earlier today.
Intrepid Travel had previously announced that it had cancelled trips up to and including 23 May. Today, it has announced that it has extended the date to 31 May.
The decision to cancel trips departing Bangkok up to and including 31 May impacts 69 passengers (or 26 trips). Passengers are being notified of the decision and offered a full refund on their travel.
"The Australian Government has increased its warning to a Level 5, confirming what our office in Bangkok has already told us - that it's unsafe to travel in Bangkok at the moment. We are hoping that the situation changes quickly so that tourists return to Thailand and normal life can resume for people living in Bangkok," said Eliza Anderson, Intrepid Travel spokesperson.
"It's not peak season so the number of passengers we are talking about is quite low compared to what it will be come August. We've been running trips in Thailand for the last 21 years and we know that it is very robust and bounces back. It's easy for people to get to and a cheap holiday option."
Intrepid Travel's Bangkok office is providing regular updates via
Media Enquiries: Eliza Anderson on +61 410 535 977.
Interview Opportunities: To speak to an Intrepid Travel employee and Bangkok resident about the situation from a local's perspective, contact Eliza Anderson on +61 410 535 977.
Thursday, May 20, 2010

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