Shackleton Epic map

Days 1-3 Punta Arenas

Travel to Chile and head down south to Punta Arenas to prepare for this once-in-a-lifetime journey. Meet your fellow shipmates, and spend the next couple of days practicing your knots and learning to sail the TS Pelican trained by the professional crew.

Day 4 Depart Punta Arenas

Set sail from Punta Arenas and head south towards Antarctica. If the weather is favourable, travel past Cape Horn, an evocative landmark that many swashbuckling, seafarers have "rounded" in times gone by.

Days 5-7 At Sea

Travelling towards Deception Island, experience the seas that enticed many an explorer in their quest to find the southern continent. Crossing the infamous Drake Passage, start to find your sea legs amid some of the most notorious stretches of ocean on the planet.

Day 8 Deception Island

Discover the incredible volcanic landscape of Deception Island. Its distinctive horse-shoe shape has offered shelter to sailors from the icebergs and rough seas throughout the history of Antarctic exploration. In fact, it was here that Shackleton had originally aimed to gain respite after his men were forced to take to their lifeboats following the loss of their ship.

Days 9-13 At Sea

Continue south from Deception Island to explore the remarkable inlets, icebergs and landscapes of the Antarctic Peninsula. Navigate the Gerlache Strait, home to some of the continent's most picturesque surrounds.

Day 14 King George Island

Arrive at King George Island, the largest of the South Shetland Islands. Meet up with the Shackleton Epic re-enactment party, and learn more about the journey that lays ahead of them and share in the excitement and anticipation of the upcoming adventure.

Day 15 At Sea

Board the TS Pelican once more, ready for another day's sailing.

Days 16-17 Elephant Island

Enjoy a day at sea before finally reaching Elephant Island, the tiny speck of land in the vast Southern Ocean where Shackleton's crew finally found refuge after not setting foot on solid ground for 497 days. Only a lucky few ever get the opportunity to walk on this island and experience the conditions that were the backdrop to arguably the greatest survival story of all time.

Days 18-32 At Sea

Wave off the Alexandra Shackleton from Elephant Island, as the Epic crew begin the re-enactment of the arduous open-water voyage to South Georgia. Board the TS Pelican once more and shadow Tim Jarvis as he sails into history.

Days 33-41 South Georgia

After almost three weeks at sea, cast your eyes out for land - South Georgia should have appeared on the horizon. After covering over 800 nautical miles, as Shackleton and five crew successfully did in 1916, get an inkling of what they must have felt as they stepped ashore. As Tim Jarvis and two crew members from the Alexandra Shackleton commence the final leg of the Epic re-enactment, sail around to the north side of the island. For those feeling extra energetic, there will be the opportunity to join in the final stretch of this legendary trek past Crean Lake and down into Stromness. On completion of this remarkable expedition, there may even be the opportunity to mark the anniversary of Shackleton's birthday at his graveside, in the presence of his grand-daughter, The Hon. Alexandra Shackleton.

Days 42-55 At Sea

Board the TS Pelican for the final leg of this incredible adventure. For the next couple of weeks, sail into warmer seas towards Rio de Janeiro for final disembarkation.

Day 56 Rio de Janeiro

Step ashore in Brazil's buzzing beach town, Rio de Janeiro. It will be tough to stop your sea-legs from swaying, especially in the party capital of the world. Get used to life back on land, and look forward to sharing the story this amazing re-enactment for the rest of your life. Enjoy the cosy, warm feeling of achievement that comes with doing something very few people on earth will ever get to do.