If you’re thinking of going on a wildlife-themed trip then you love animals as much as we do. Sadly the world’s animals face many threats, so it’s good to be aware of ways you can minimise the harm that may come to them. 
What can you do?
Don’t buy souvenirs made from animal products such as shells, coral, ivory, feathers, fur, claws, teeth, bone and skin.
Avoid medicines made from animals, dishes made from bush meat and drinks made with animals in them.
Try not to eat in restaurants, shop in stores or visit local shows, markets or zoos that promote cruelty or exploitation of endangered species.
Say no to riding animals such as elephants and going on walking with lion tours.
Don’t pay to touch or have your photo taken with a wild animal – it only encourages the capture and mistreatment of wild animals for profit.
Say no to plastic bags – or at least be very careful of their disposal. Plastic often ends up in waterways and can choke and kill the animals that live there.