An exotic mix of African, Mediterranean, Andalucian and Berber cultures, Morocco offers travellers an escape into a diverse and traditional country. Barter in the bazaars of Marrakesh, sip mint tea while watching the world go by in serene kasbahs, or head out into the Sahara to experience desert life first-hand. Morocco is a melting pot of culture, flavour and experiences, and is guaranteed to capture the heart of anyone that visits. 

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What’s the beach at Essaouira really like? How hard is the trek into the High Atlas Mountains? Will I enjoy the Berber homestay? Who better to answer the questions about your Morocco holiday than our very own travellers. Written by Intrepid travellers who have experienced one of our trips in Morocco, check out what they’ve got to say in the Morocco holiday reviews below.

Morocco Uncovered, July 2017


South Morocco Discovery, July 2017

Isla Nunne

Morocco Uncovered, June 2017

Lindsey Davis

South Morocco Discovery, July 2017

Chloe Nunne

Best of Morocco, July 2017

Heidi Wake

North Morocco Adventure, June 2017

Lesley Kimber

Morocco Uncovered, May 2017

Anne Johnston

Best of Morocco, May 2017

Cassandra Blickenstaff

South Morocco Discovery, July 2017

Karen Fitzgerald

Morocco Uncovered, July 2017

Stacy Jacobs

Best of Morocco, June 2017

Cathy Suley

South Morocco Discovery, July 2017

Rebecca Robertson


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