For many travellers, India is the ultimate destination – exotic, mysterious, frantic, diverse – it is a land of contrasts and chaos, and is guaranteed to give all of the senses a workout. And this is exactly what many Intrepid travellers are in search of: a travel experience that challenges and changes them. A holiday in India is a guaranteed adventure of a lifetime. 

Top reviews on India holidays

The idea of a holiday in India can be intimidating to some of us – even though it will surprise and delight you at every turn – but to help you decide if it’s an adventure you’d like to try, we’ve collected some of our most recent feedback below, so you can take an uncensored look at what our Intrepid travellers have to say in their holiday reviews.


Real Food Adventure - India , March 2017

Karolien Straetemans

Real Food Adventure - India , March 2017

Trisha-Rose Tirase

Real Food Adventure - India , March 2017

Victoria Baltis

Delhi to Kathmandu, March 2017

Katrina Carichini

Classic Rajasthan, April 2017

Chris and Marg Wilson

Northern India Family Holiday , April 2017

Leon Achille

Real Food Adventure - India , February 2017

Richard Webb

North India Highlights, October 2016

Joanna Skwarski

Classic Rajasthan, April 2017

Andria Waterton

Mountains & Mystics, March 2017

Jenny Grinlington

Delhi to Kathmandu, April 2017

Trevor Gardner

Classic Rajasthan, April 2017

lyn adam


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