7.  Antarctica
If you’re fortunate enough to make the trek to this icy continent, the sheer scale of epic wildlife set against a backdrop of icy beauty is the wildlife experience of a lifetime.
6.  Koalas 
There are only a few places in the world you can see koalas in the wild (Australia’s east and southern-east coasts). They’re sometimes hard to spot because they’re usually sleeping in the tallest of gum trees. But when you do, there’s nothing quite like seeing these adorable creatures in the flesh.
5.  Watching whales 
An ocean’s silence broken by the ‘phwa’ of air from a whale’s blowhole will send awed chills down your spine. And when an unseen whale breaches, the graceful twist, gushing water and sheer force exerted before it crashes back into the sea is nothing short of electrifying.
4.  The Galapagos 
If the world had a concentrated wildlife mecca, the Galapagos would be it. Whether on land, in the sea or flying through the air, the unique and friendly creatures that call these islands home are simply aching to make your acquaintance. 
3.  Orangutans
Watching the antics of orangutans is the one of the best antidotes to life’s ills. We dare you to not grin inanely while hanging out in an orangutan reserve in breathtaking Borneo.
2.  An African safari
Searching out animals in an open-top safari vehicle and coming across lions creeping, giraffes chomping, elephants swaying and wildebeest gathering is one of life’s true highlights. If you want nature at its most raw, Africa is the place to witness it.
1.  Gorillas
Move quietly through dense, steamy jungle and watch carefully for your guide to signal their presence. When you hear them, they become the only sound on earth. When you see you them… well, the world falls away and nothing can compare and no words are good enough to describe this overwhelming wildlife experience.