Top 12 Africa safari holiday reviews

A bucket-list adventure for almost every traveller on the planet – an African safari holiday has got to be one of life’s greatest adventures. Whether it’s exploring the national parks of Kenya and Tanzania, taking game drives through South Africa and Zimbabwe, or discovering everything that Namibia and Botswana have to offer, this continent offers an endless choice of safari experiences for every type of traveller.  

Top reviews on Africa safari holidays

When it comes to choosing an African safari holiday, there is such a brad range of options on offer that narrowing your list down can be tough. So we have compiled our latest traveller feedback from Intrepid passengers who have experienced a safari trip with us in Africa, to help you choose which trip is best suited to you.


Cape Town to Vic Falls , September 2016

Ed Armstrong

Egypt Experience , October 2016

Melissa Hines

Cape Town to Vic Falls , September 2016

Brian Kelly

Vic Falls to Kruger , October 2016

Luca Valori

Vic Falls to Cape Town , September 2016

Vernon Simpson

Stone Town to Vic Falls , September 2016

Vernon Simpson

Gorillas & Game Parks , September 2016

Sarah Andrews

Okavango & Beyond , October 2016

Anita Fleck

Egypt Experience , October 2016

Deirdre Ladlow

Egypt Experience , October 2016

matthew lee

Road to Zanzibar , September 2016

Sara Rolke

Jordan & Egypt Express , October 2016

Melanie Roy


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