Summer and winter activity holidays

While there’s nothing wrong with lazing by the pool and ordering that third banana daiquiri, to truly travel you need to get out and do something. Snorkel the offshore reefs of Belize, ride camels through the Moroccan desert, build igloos on a Japanese mountain (okay, snowmen on a Japanese mountain) or go rafting in the white rapids of Costa Rica. It’s hard to lever ourselves out of that comfy sunbed, but when we do, adventure ensues. Whether it’s a sun-drenched summer safari or a wild winter escape, action-packed activities are the beating heart of any good journey. Ready to leave the comfort zone? We’ve got just the trips for you.

Winter holidays

Winter doesn't have to mean packing sunscreen, buying the latest John Grisham and booking a ticket to the nearest tropical island. If you can't flee the cold, embrace it. Active winter trips are the coolest way to see some of the world's most remote and spectacular landscapes, while keeping your body temperature up at the same time. Ride a dogsled through the forests of Sweden, snowshoe your way across Norway or see whales by day and the aurora by night in Iceland's volcano country. We've got northern and southern hemisphere trips to beat those winter blues, with a variety of grassroots adventures to get you off-piste and into the wild.