Are western-like medical facilities available during the trip?

With most countries that we travel to there are private, western style hospitals or medical centres. With any medical issue the Family should consult with the Leader (who in turn can contact the local operational office for advice or assistance) but more importantly the family should be in contact with their Insurance provider. The insurance provider will offer assistance, advice and usually have a recommended medical centre or hospital that has English speaking medical staff and that offers a higher standard of medical care.

Should I bring a first aid kit?

While not required, it’s always good to be prepared for any little bumps or bruises along the way. Without going overboard, we recommend bringing a supply of Band-Aids and disinfectant, some paracetamol, motion sickness tablets (if necessary), hydrolytes (or something similar) and any personal medical items that might be needed throughout the duration of the trip. If a family member is travelling with prescription medicine it is recommended that they travel with extra in the case of loss or if it is spoilt or damaged. It is also advisable for the family to carry a letter or prescription with them and advise the Leader on day 1 of the trip.

**If the family is travelling with medicine that needs to be refrigerated this must be advised to the sales team at time of booking. Please note we may not be able to confirm that this will be available**

All families should be advised to contact their local doctor and/or a specialist traveller’s vaccination centre at least 60 days prior to departure. We should not go into the specifics of what vaccinations should or shouldn’t be taken. All families MUST have comprehensive travel insurance to cover them in eventuality of an illness or medical emergency.

How safe is the transport?

We regularly check all of our vehicles to ensure that they adhere to strict safety requirements. With the exception of Burma, all Intrepid vehicles are fitted with seatbelts. 

How safe are the activities?

When it comes to participating in organised activities, we use and audit trusted operators who are well aware of the necessary safety equipment and procedures, including supplying correctly fitting life-jackets and helmets.

Can we drink the water?

Your group leader will be able to offer advice on a case-by-case basis. If you are advised not to drink groundwater, we recommend that our travellers pack water purification tablets, rather than buying bottled water.

What are the toilet facilities like?

All of the hotels we use will have western-style flushing toilets. In some rural areas, please be advised that toilet facilities may be of a lesser standard than your family enjoys at home. In these circumstances we recommend carrying hand sanitation products or similar. Remember – it’s all part of the experience!