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When it comes to group travel, it’s not usually BYO group. But sometimes a bunch of friends or a hockey team (or a whole office) wants to throw routine to the wind and set off into the wide blue yonder. Brilliant. Most of our itineraries are available as private group departures. Basically this means you get the usual Intrepid perks (local leaders, central accommodation, lots of grassroots adventure) but you tell us when and where. No strangers, no stragglers, just you and your crew.

If you’ve got a birthday / anniversary / graduation / insert excuse here coming up, give our specialist team a call. Pick an itinerary, book 9 spots on a private group trip before 15 July and we’ll even give you the 10th for free. It’s time to make 9 phone calls.



Terms and conditions

Why private groups?

  • Departure dates built around your schedule
  • Travel with people you've hand-selected to join you
  • Personalize your experience by working with our team to tailor the details

Who should consider a private group?

Friends and Families
Schools and Universities
White Label
Special Interest Groups


We require a minimum of 4 passengers to arrange a private group. However please keep in mind that the more that book, the less it is per person. There are some destinations around the world (like a safari in Africa for example), where the cost of operating a trip for just a few people may be cost-prohibitive. If your party consists of less than 8 passengers, we can only provide one of our "as is" itineraries found on the website for your prefered departure date. However, there may be a groups surcharge for these smaller parties. For parties of 8 or more, we can accept requests for custom itineraries.

In general, a group of 9+ will start to show a bit of savings (for pre-designed itineraries). For custom itineraries, it will all depend on your group’s requirements.  

Our minimum age requirement for all trips is 5 years old (no exceptions) There is no maximum age as long as you are fit and healthy enough to travel.

We can price out a private trip based on one of our pre-designed itineraries found on our website. Or we can create a custom itinerary based on any of our current product range. ***If you have a special need or requirement that we currently don’t offer, like a volunteering project, we ask that you assume responsibility for making the connection and let us handle the logistical support (getting there and away, etc.).

In order to get you a quote back quickly and accurately, it is important that you provide the required information at the time of your inquiry. See the form on the right-hand side of this page to submit this information to our groups department. FYI: For accommodation description: Basix/Original/Comfort…more information here

International Flights – Our air partner Air Treks can assist with flight arrangements once we've organized your quote. Visas – US Citizens click here for visa information. Citizens of other countries, please visit your government’s official international travel website. Medical Travel Insurance – Visit our Travel Insurance partner Travel Guard for information here. PLEASE NOTE: These are only a few of the most relevant things not included for your consideration. For a complete list please see the ‘exclusions’ section of your price quote.

We can include the cost of a free of charge (FOC) spot with any quote. The cost of this space will be averaged out amongst the paying passengers. Please advise us when requesting a price quote whether you’ll need any FOC spots for your trip.

A quote for a PRE-DESIGNED ITINERARY will generally take 4-5 business days. A quote for a CUSTOM DESIGNED ITINERARY may take up to 5-10 business days or more depending on the complexity of the itinerary and the destination you’re traveling to.

There are lots of factors that go into quoting our private groups and because costs are obtained through our local offices, we cannot guarantee a quicker turnaround time. Every quote request will be sent to the proper local office (we have over 20 worldwide!) to ensure accuracy and real time pricing. We ask for patience with this process as our local teams need to wait for hotel responses, transportation pricing, and leader availability, before they can complete the quote and send it back to us. It is important to remember some parts of the world do not move as swiftly as we might expect, but the benefit for a bit of a wait will be the accuracy and thoroughness of the quote. In order to help us get you a price quote as quickly as possible, please also keep in mind that each additional revision may require a new price that has to go through one of our local offices again. For this reason, we strongly recommend finalizing your plans before requesting a price quote. We may limit the number of revisions allowed so the more accurate you can make your request the first time, the easier it will be to turn around.

The deadline to finalize your private itinerary is 90 days for custom trips and 60 days for pre-designed trips. Exceptions can be made on a case by case basis but in general, if your itinerary quote is not completed by the stated deadlines, we cannot accept your booking.

Once we have finalized your itinerary and all revisions have been completed we will need a non-refundable deposit of $250 per person if we are outside of 60 days of departure. If we are confirming your itinerary within 60 days of departure, we require the full payment. Booking conditions – Please read through Intrepid’s booking conditions. These will also apply to private group departures.

There is the potential to include additional passengers or cancel existing passengers at least 30 days before departure (based on availability). In some cases, cancellation penalties will apply if on ground arrangements have already been confirmed. PLEASE NOTE: Prices will be adjusted based on final group numbers so your price may decrease with the addition of more travelers or increase if your group numbers diminish. ***Revisions to the itinerary are also possible based on availability, but we will not accept any changes to the itinerary within 30 days of departure!

Want more information?

Interested in booking a private group? Submit your information below and our groups team will reach out to you or call us at 1 855 394 3021. 

Top trips

USD $1,012
CAD $1,228
AUD $1,440
EUR €935
GBP £735
NZD $1,550
ZAR R16,525
CHF FR1,035
See the best of Morocco from Casablanca to Marrakech. Admire the city of Fes, see the sands of the Sahara Desert and...
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CAD $2,119
AUD $2,485
EUR €1,615
GBP £1,270
NZD $2,670
ZAR R28,515
CHF FR1,785
From neon lights in Tokyo city to temples in Kyoto, this express tour of Japan will delight travellers young and old.
USD $3,010
CAD $3,649
AUD $4,285
EUR €2,785
GBP £2,195
NZD $4,595
ZAR R49,170
CHF FR3,080
Travel to Iceland and tour this North Atlantic island. Visit Reykjavik, Hvolsvollur, Kirkjubaejarklaustur, Hofn,...
USD $1,597
CAD $1,764
AUD $2,095
EUR €1,410
GBP £1,075
NZD $2,255
ZAR R19,340
CHF FR1,440
Explore the ancient mysteries of Myanmar on this tour from Yangon. Visit awe-inspiring Mandalay, experience ancient...
USD $1,260
CAD $1,570
AUD $1,845
EUR €1,200
GBP £940
NZD $1,985
ZAR R21,170
CHF FR1,325
Explore the ancient mysteries of Myanmar on this tour from Yangon. Visit awe-inspiring Mandalay, experience ancient...
USD $1,377
CAD $1,669
AUD $1,764
EUR €1,275
GBP £995
NZD $1,885
ZAR R22,490
CHF FR1,410
Travel to Peru and retrace the steps of the Inca, Peru's fascinating ancient civilisation. Follow Inca traditions...
USD $1,863
CAD $2,259
AUD $2,650
EUR €1,720
GBP £1,355
NZD $2,850
ZAR R30,410
CHF FR1,905
Relish the sights and flavours of Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Udaipur, Mumbai and Goa on this exquisite culinary journey...
USD $954
CAD $1,156
AUD $1,355
EUR €880
GBP £695
NZD $1,455
ZAR R15,550
Travel from Zimbabwe to Botswana and South Africa on a real African adventure. Visit Victoria Falls and enjoy safaris...
USD $1,498
CAD $1,818
AUD $2,070
EUR €1,345
GBP £1,060
NZD $2,225
ZAR R23,755
CHF FR1,485
Costa Rica will reveal itself as a true gem of Central America on this fun, diverse and exciting adventure tour.
USD $1,656
CAD $1,849
AUD $1,939
EUR €1,341
GBP £1,008
NZD $2,146
ZAR R18,400
CHF FR1,377
Enjoy a music tour of Cuba, hitting the dance floor for salsa classes and getting to know the traditional music of Cuba.
USD $1,098
CAD $1,332
AUD $1,565
EUR €1,015
GBP £795
NZD $1,680
ZAR R17,960
CHF FR1,125
An adrenaline charged tour of Turkey. Visit the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, tour Anzac Cove and hike the Turquoise Coast...
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CAD $2,455
AUD $2,595
EUR €1,685
GBP £1,330
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Track your way across the plains of Kenya on this thrilling safari, covering Nairobi, Lake Naivasha, Masai Mara and a...

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