Can children opt out of activities if they like?

Activities are obviously optional, and it may be possible to just watch, or stay at the hotel, or do some independent exploring. Either way, parents are responsible for their child at all times, so they will need to supervise if a child wants to opt out.

We are going on a walking trip. Do we need specialist footwear for our children?

We often cover a lot of ground, especially on our family treks where terrain can be challenging and steep, and when rain is a possibility you will all need waterproof footwear with a good grip. For any trips that aren’t specifically trekking, then a comfortable, sturdy pair of shoes such as trainers or sneakers will be great.

Do the itineraries cater specifically for children?

Our family experts, many of whom are parents, have specifically crafted the itineraries to make sure they run at a family-friendly pace and keep travelling time to a minimum. Plenty of free time is included for families to participate in activities that suit their interests, and group activities are designed to work around meal times.

Are there activities aimed at adults? 

Our activities are aimed at all ages, and we encourage every member of the family to get involved.