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Cast adrift to the extremes of the earth and discover great white landscapes full of icy inlets and frozen coves. Experience the rush of setting foot on some of the world's most remote terrain, witness brilliant natural phenomena and come to terms with the sheer size and scale of our planet's polar regions. 



Wild and windswept, Antarctica's sheets of white are an alluring blend of everything and nothingness. With few human inhabitants, and wildlife unperturbed by human contact, visitors to Antarctica often feel like ghosts drifting across the Southern Ocean to a land that has no need for the vestiges of human civilisation. Whether exploring a deserted whaling station or floating through a glacier-lined channel, it's impossible to forget the sheer size and significance of this icy terrain. More about Antarctica

When to go

Antarctica: November - March

Trip highlights

  • • Travel through the Antarctic Sound, better known as 'Iceberg Alley'
  • • Visit the spectacular volcanic South Shetland Islands
  • • Island hop between South Georgia and the Falkland Islands
  • • Retrace the parth of the early explorers
  • • Visit the remote Deception Island
  • • Search out colonies of king penguins
  • • Attempt the celebrated Polar Circle crossing
  • • Keep an eye out for whales while cruising the Southern Ocean
  • • Spot the elusive snow petrel
  • • Cross the treacherous Drake Passage
  • • Experience Antarctica's turquoise waters and pink night skies

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Your boat

The Sea Adventurer

The Sea Adventurer (formerly the Clipper Adventure) is a specialised polar sailing vessel, with ice-strengthened hull and all the comforts you would expect on an expedition ship of this calibre. Originally built in 1975, the ship was extensively modernised and refurbished in 1998, with over $13 million invested in its conversion. Whilst the conditions outside on the ice can be cold and blustery, the creature comforts of the ship provide solace from the exterior. All cabins on the ship have views out to sea, and all rooms are equipped with en-suite facilities. The Sea Adventurer is also equipped with a fleet of Zodiacs, enabling excursions to shore for multiple passengers at once, and getting you as close to the extensive wildlife as possible.

The Ocean Diamond

The Ocean Diamond is an exceptional polar vessel, designed to give passengers the ultimate experience of exploring the Antarctic, within the comfort of a cruising yacht with additional amenities such as a massage and wellness programme, as well as a well-stocked polar library. All cabins boast exterior views, as well as en-suite bathroom facilities. There are also optional camping, kayaking, snowshoeing, skiing and mountaineering options available depending on conditions.





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National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen will be presenting on this voyage so you'll get tips on how to take the best pictures of the Antarctic.  There is no additional cost to join this group.  Contact us for more details.

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There are some excluded departures on the list so be sure to chat to one of our Polar experts to find out more!

The Arctic

Epic by name, astounding by nature, the Arctic Circle is both figuratively and literally about as far off the map as destinations can get. A pristine natural Eden of mighty mountain peaks, awesome galcial structures and pretty much every shade of blue known to man, this winter wonderland is almost too beautiful to be true. Polar bears, whales, reindeer and walruses fot the ice-strewn land and seascapes. while wildflowers bloom on the inland plains, and, come the seasonal equinoxes, Aurora Borealis throws up its dazzling display of lights. Enchanting, stark and utterly removed from human civilisation, the Arctic really is poles apart form the typical travel experience. More about The Arctic

When to go

June - October.  Temperatures can range from a fresh -5°C to a comparatively balmy 10°C, perfect for a comfortable expedition cruise.

Trip highlights

  • • Spot polar bears patrolling the ice in Phippsoya
  • • Give snowshowing a crack in Smeerenburg
  • • Watch walruses throwing their weight around at Torellneset
  • • Wander through the blooming wildflowers of the tundrs
  • • Observe the birdlife nesting Alkefjellet's towering cliffs
  • • Make yourself at home among Longyearbyen's 2,000 hardy residents
  • • Take to the Arctic waters in a sea kayak
  • • Be awestruck by the 14th of July Glacier

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Your boat

Sea Spirit

Intrepid's Arctic adventures sail aboard the Sea Spirit - a comfortable, all-suite ship. Carrying a maximum of 112 passengers, and refurbished in 2010, this distinguished Polar sailing vessel allows you to explore the crisp, wild environment, all from the comfort of a warm marine base - with an open bar service, outdoor viewing areas and a hot tub, plus all the amenieties you would expect from a quality hotel service.

Every style of room has its own king-size bed (or twin if you prefer), plus en-suite bathroom facilities and exterior views, while the Deluxe, Premium, and Owner's Suites each have private balconies - the perfect private viewing area to relax and absorb the epic surronds. The vessel is also equipped with Zodiacs - rubber inflatable boats designed to transfer people to shore, as well as get up close to the wildlife. Dependent on weather conditions, there is also the option of sea-kayaking, camping, climbing and cross-country skiing.




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Bookings must be made before 15th September 2014.



Spitsbergen Explorer, 11 days

Discover the essence of the Arctic on a trip around Spitsbergen, where polar bears, glaciers, fjords and Inuit communities await.

Spitsbergen, East Greenland & Iceland

Be charmed by polar bears, cruise fjords and hike tundras. 13 Days (Sea Adventurer) / 14 days (Ocean Nova)

Greenland Valleys & Fjords, 15 days

Encounter the dramatic scenery, fjords, fascinating culture and icy landscapes of Greenland, starting in Reykjavic.

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What you probably don’t know about Svalbard

The Norwegian Arctic archipelago of Svalbard is a fantastic location for seeking out wildlife, but there’s more than that to discover in this intriguing land. You have a more than excellent chance of seeing the fearsome polar bear, as well as groups of bloated walrus, the somewhat dumpy Svalbard reindeer and even the Arctic fox. In the water you can encounter a variety of whales and all sorts of seals, often hauled up on pack ice. Read more

Shackleton’s Epic: the story revealed

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