Solo travel

You know what it’s like; you’re desperate to discover the wild wilds of Africa, camp along the Inca Trail or simply get out and see the world, but no one wants to come with you. And you want to go, now! Your best friend would rather see the inside lights of a shopping mall than the blazing campfire and “maybe next week when I get paid” keeps rolling into weeks, months and years. Your husband wants to lie on a beach all week and you’ve got itchy feet for that thrill of exploration. Enter Intrepid.

Don’t worry, you won’t ever be a gooseberry or the third wheel as 60% of Intrepid travellers go solo. You’ll have plenty of dinner partners and always a shopping friend, so fear not about those all natural niggles. You’ll never be alone…only unless you want to be!

Benefits of travelling solo

  • You’re guaranteed to make awesome new friends’
  • You’ll ‘find yourself’ instead others’ enlightening experiences
  • See what you want to see rather than following orders
  • It’s an awesome sense of pride so live it 

Tips for travelling solo

  • Connect before you travel. Facebook and Twitter are rife with aspiring travellers like yourself, taking their first dip in the wanderlust pool. Get yourself on the meet up app, make some new Facebook ‘friends’, join our Twitter’s #traveltalkontwitter and your set for some travel buds for life.
  • Secure your first night. Arriving in a foreign land is awesome, if not a little daunting. So make it easy for yourself. Book your first nights’ accommodation so you can arrive knowing there’s a base to rest your weary eyes. 
  • Get your bearings. It’s easy to get happily lost in one of Morocco’s impressive souks, but before you step out of the hotel, grab a hotel card and look out for something iconic that’s nearby. It works wonders if you’ve been out for hours and a little bit drowsy! 
  • Get equipped. Female travellers in particular, can attract some unwanted local male curiosity. Wearing loose, lightweight clothing covering shoulders and knees can help deter unwanted attention. 
  • Be polite, be firm and don’t be a hero. If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, trust your instincts and walk away.


Will I be by myself?
Only if you want to be. In the free time, group leaders will point you in the right direction or give you some optional activity choices and you can decide to go it alone or join in with your fellow travellers’ plans.
Can I get in touch with fellow travellers before I travel?
Join the conversation on our meet up app and get to know your new found friends before you arrive. Just add your tour date and start the adventure.
Do I have to pay a single supplement?
Never! If you are happy to share with a fellow traveller of the same sex, we’ll pair you up with a room buddy.
What sex will the group be?
Our groups are normally a great mix of men and women, usually 60% women and 40% men.